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Weekly Horoscopes

Here is your sun sign horoscope for the week of Monday, November 13 to Monday, November 20:

Make sure to read the horoscope for your sun sign, rising sign (ascendant or AS), and moon sign. Find out what yours are here. You will need the exact day, time, and place of your birth.


Aries, it looks to me like you are trying to do something new and exciting that you have not done before. However, you may be a little uncertain or feel a little uneasy about this new thing you are beginning to step into.

Try not to worry about that too much and focus instead on your relationships. Connecting one-on-one with people can then help you find the insight you need to feel more comfortable about this new thing you are doing. They can also help you to find some of that happiness you may be missing in life.

Make sure, though, that you are not just connecting with anyone.. but with the right people that understand who you are and where exactly it is your life is going. That should then help you to feel more free to make some more final changes you need to make before you can fully step into this new adventure you are embarking on.


Taurus, your life is changing big time! But you may be worried about whether or not all this change will actually help you to have a life you really want. 

Don't worry too much about that. The answers will come if you are diligent. Focus instead on creating a set of daily routines that allows you to make these changes you need to make in a more disciplined, detailed and organized way.

Doing that will enable you to feel more comfortable with life, bring more of the stability back into your life that perhaps you have been missing, and create something that feels like home to you.

In order to do that, though, you may also need to do some new things at work or incorporate some new things into your day-to-day routines. Let these things in so you can finally start to create a life that feels much better for you.

Asking other people in your life to help you out as well could give you some much needed perspective to make sure your life is on the right track and ensure you that everything is going according to plan.


Gemini, I understand you want to have relationships with important people that can put your life in the right direction — but sometimes, other things are more important. 

Like per se... having relationships with people that truly do understand your heart and make you happy. Stop focusing so much on whether your relationships can take you straight to the top, and start focusing more on expressing yourself authentically with them.

Focusing on bringing the joy back into your life, especially when it comes to people, will then help you to be more open about what is going on with you and to create a job or set of daily routines that really are good for you.

It may, however, require you first to accept that what it is you want and enjoy is changing! Don't let old ideas of who you used to be hold you back from stepping into new relationships and routines that are better for the person you are becoming.

Even if following your heart won't give you the reputation or life direction you were hoping for, it will indeed still put you in a very positive place that is just as good — if not better — than the one you originally had your sights set on.


Can someone please help a Cancer out! LOL There is so much work to do and not enough time in the day. It really is exhausting and frustrating. What is perhaps causing all of this frustration is some new thing we are trying to do that we have not done before, which is throwing a wrench in all our plans.

Stop trying to force or to figure out this new thing you are doing... and instead try to focus on building some more stability into your life, and being emotionally comfortable with everything that has come to you recently. Doing that will then help you to feel more confident, attract more money to you, and find more of that organization in life you were hoping for.

However, you may have to change some of your relationships or how you relate to other people in order to find that stability. Do what needs to be done to feel emotionally okay with where your life is at the moment. Finding that emotional stability will then also help you to... find the joy in life once again.

If any sign needs a little bit of a break to have some fun in life, it is you! Thankfully, that is coming for us in time.


Leo, it sure is hard to be happy when your life keeps changing so much! But let me re-assure you, you are getting there. Happiness will come for you at long last at the end of this year. 

Focus now on communicating about your heart and what is important to you, and it will help you to seal the deal on some things you need to do to find joy in life once again in the coming months.

In order to communicate more openly and find more clarity, though, you may first need to change your life, job, or daily routines to give yourself more space to breathe.

Change what needs changing on the day-to-day. Once that is done, it will become much easier for you to feel more at home and at peace with your life doing something that is good for you, and you alone.


Virgo, relationships are hard. I get it! TRUST ME. I do... People never do exactly what you want them to, which makes it hard to.. you know.. feel super comfortable with life. But this week, try not to let it get to you.

Focus instead on whatever it is you need to bring more money, stability, or confidence back into your life. If you can focus on the practical and the personal, instead of the emotional and the relational, some of your difficulties should begin to ease up.

Then, you can begin to feel more at peace with your life and who you are and build something that is really important to you. It may require you, however, to think very differently about what it is you enjoy doing and how exactly it is you can finance this thing.

Make the re-adjustments. Doing so will help you to think more clearly and communicate much better with people about some things that are on your heart and mind and to hopefully make the changes you need to make to put your life in a much better spot.


Libra, talking about your job or daily routines may be hard, or down right uncomfortable! Do not worry. You will figure that out soon. Focus on talking about yourself instead and what is important to you and the rest should work itself out. 

It may require you though to readjust some of your immediate emotional responses or something that is very core to your being in order to communicate and think in a much better way about something that is important to you.

Do it. Communicating in a better way about yourself will then help you to reach some of your goals. it will also help you too to bring more money into your life and feel more confident with yourself as well.


Scorpio, money doesn't make you happy. I think you know that... but it would be kind of nice sometimes, right? You know, to make good money doing something that it is you enjoy... Well, not all of us are so lucky.

Focus this week on getting right with yourself on the inside, and on adjusting your views about money, your confidence and your gifts and talents. Doing that will then help you to become more happy with the money, resources or talents that it is you currently have, and to create a career or life direction that can help you move up in the world.

Processing some things aloud or with others, too, can help you to work some of the details out.

Looks to me like you are trying to give birth to an entirely new you and new identity and are trying to figure out how best to get on board with some things in life that can bring you new or different income, or use some of the things you currently have at your disposal.

Let yourself become someone you never thought you could be. Just because it is different doesn't mean it is bad.


How many of you are ready for Saturn to leave your sign at the middle of next month?? I am!

The past 2.5 years have put a lot of intense focus on YOU and on who you are and on creating some new or better identity for yourself. However, it has been lots of work. And very unsettling and emotionally draining in the process.

Well, that is starting to come to an end, and there is, indeed, a light at the end of the tunnel (whether you can see it or not). But it will require you to continue to figure out your goals, and your calling in life, and where it is you see your future going.

Doing that will help you to find your passion once again, and do something new and exciting that is very important to you. However, it may require you to re-adjust some of your views about money... and how money can help you to reach some of your dreams.

It may also require you... simply put.. to just be more confident with these new dreams and callings it is you have. Learn to do that. Believe in yourself — which Sagittarius is naturally gifted at doing!

You're trying to beat some old things from the past that have been holding you down and preventing you from being the best you that you can be.

Keep pushing forward and shining your light. That's the only way you can show the haters and the naysayers (even if they are parts of yourself doing the hating) that you are worth it and can make it in the world doing something it is that you want.

That is the only way you can truly make a clean break with the past and step into a better, happier, and more liberated you.


Capricorn, what is so special about the past? Nothing really.. in my opinion! Haha, but I'm a Gemini, so of course I might say that.

Seems to me that you have many connections to things that have happened once that aren't happening any more that maybe you wanted to happen. You are learning slowly how to let all those attachments, especially the ones that are no longer meant for you, go.

You are getting there. But before you can truly end what needs ending and move on, you need a good direction or dream in life to aim for that can give you hope of a major new beginning.

Learn to find that this week. There are lots of new, good things in store for my Capricorns, even if it does take lots of work.

Focusing on these new big things coming to you will then help you to make some major changes you need to make in life to put yourself in the right place and create an identity that truly is better for you.

Let yourself envision a new future that is better than anything you could have imagined before. Take care of any loose ends now so that you can begin to step into it in the coming months.


What kind of life do you really want for yourself, Aquarius? Perhaps that has been a little bit of a sticking point for you lately, where you feel as though you don't have any dreams or can't move forward on them in the ways that you want.

That's because... dare I say this... your dreams are too small! Or not new, different or daring enough! Of all people, Aquarius! I never thought I would be saying this to you. But perhaps you need another person to help remind you :) 

Focusing on some big, new dreams of yours.. or something new you can do to give yourself more hope and excitement for your future.. will then help you to find more of the money and confidence in life you feel may have been missing and connect with the people that truly are meant for you.

It may just require you to get on board with this new thing first.

Don't be afraid to try new things you think you might like just because it is uncomfortable. Step out of your comfort zone for a sec and see how good some other passions and interests of yours really are.

People will be there to catch you!


Pisces, perhaps you have been confused lately about where it is your life is going... and where exactly it is you want it to go. This week, I think some clarity on that issue will come. But... you may have to make some big changes, or end or begin something, in order to get it.

Making the changes you need to make in life will then help you to have a career or life direction that is better for you, and make your daily routines less stressful.

It may also require you, however, to have a very different vision of the future and who you thought you were in order to find this clarity.

Try not to get too frustrated if you have to totally re-conceptualize your life and who you thought you were in order to make room for something new and better to come into your life.