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Looking for something more?

More insight? More depth? More power?

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 (pronounced "wonder plus") 

With a membership, you will receive exclusive access to:

  • Weekly horoscopes for entrepreneurs and business leaders
  • Astrological insights on national and global news events
  • Analysis on the biggest trends in business and politics

Smart. Intuitive. Visionary. Strategic.

After spending five years working in the journalism industry at, The Huffington Post, and CNN — not to mention a master's degree in journalism as well from New York University — Wonder Girl felt like something was missing. So many news organizations talked about politicians, business owners, and newsmakers as if they were things, or even worse — animals.

Too concerned about the next hit or click, or their own ideologies, they too often forgot to put things in a larger perspective, treat everyone with respect, and provide perspectives or frameworks that could truly change the world. That's why Wonder Girl created W N D R +, Wonder Girl Astrology's premium membership program — to change the journalism industry by providing accurate, insightful and useful commentary on national news events using astrology as her guide. 

There will be no jeering, no name-calling, no cheap thrills, and no agenda. On W N D R +, we first seek to understand, above all else. Astrology, using the natal charts of those in the spotlight and the movements of the planets, is the perfect tool to facilitate this safe space.

W N D R + will help you to:

  • avoid emotional entanglements that can distract you from your ambition
  • find the bridge between your personal needs and the needs of society as a whole
  • create balance between your head and your heart
  • participate in or shape our social, political, financial or entertainment worlds
  • get insights and perceptions you can apply to your work and interactions with others
  • understand how larger systems work and individual components come together to form a whole
  • influence the people and conditions around you