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Wonder Girl uses astrology and tarot to help you unlock your greatest potential and reach your biggest dreams.

What is astrology?

Astrology is the ancient belief that the position of the planets at our birth hold important clues and indications about our overall personality and disposition. Just like the moon affects the tides of the ocean, the planets also affect our bodies and minds. As the planets move through the solar system and interact with the position of the planets at the time of our birth, certain events manifest in our lives, or we are called to act in certain ways that modify our personality or life experience.

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From recent college grads to the recently retired, Wonder Girl helps you to understand your true strengths and weaknesses and find inner peace. 



Stay up-to-date with daily horoscopes, text updates, and live videos on the astrology — as it's happening.


Unique Strategies

From the budding entrepreneur to the tried and true CEO, Wonder Girl helps you to tap into new insights and innovative solutions to level-up your business.

Astrology for the digital age


Wonder Girl delivers astrological updates to you — when you want it, how you want it. No more searching through obscure online sites or resources to find the information you need. The astrology comes to you — through weekly pre-recorded videos of astrological events, live astrological video updates, daily horoscopes on social media, text notifications, and frequent blog posts on current events.



Find your soul's true calling


Tired of just going through the motions? Feeling as though you can't connect to yourself or those around you? Similar to the Myers-Briggs or Strengthfinders, Wonder Girl helps you to navigate the complexities of your own mind and relationships to better understand what you were uniquely created for and sent to the world to accomplish. Through detailed personal readings and face-to-face consultations, discover your greatest strengths and weaknesses. Then, learn how to harness your power for good. 



Innovative solutions to your toughest problems


Don't settle for the same answers to your biggest questions. Wonder Girl provides you with insights you won't find anywhere else, and opens your mind and intuition to new, magical, and limitless possibilities. It doesn't matter who you are — young or old, student or professional, newly married or recently divorced, first time entrepreneur or seasoned CEO — Wonder Girl can arm you with information that can propel your life and your business forward.