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June 2018 New Moon in Gemini Webinar (Recording)

JUNE 2018 REVIVAL 1.jpg
JUNE 2018 REVIVAL 1.jpg

June 2018 New Moon in Gemini Webinar (Recording)


This is the FIRST NEW MOON in Gemini since Saturn left its opposite sign of Sagittarius, bringing lots of old things up left to be CLEARED, TRANSFORMED, and INTEGRATED into our lives. 

We may have FORGOTTEN OR NEGLECTED parts of ourselves the past few years while Saturn was in Sagittarius. This new moon in Gemini is asking us to go back to RETRIEVE the things we missed, and get NEW PERSPECTIVE on them.

Mercury, the ruler of the new moon at the beginning degrees of Cancer, will bring emotions CENTER STAGE to be healed and understood. Some good, unexpected insights may come forth about how to feel much more comfortable in your life — but they may come AT A COST.

Relationships could FEEL TRIGGERED by some of the emotions that are now brought up for review and the things that are now coming forth to be revealed. Your finances too could also be SHAKEN UP, as well as your general sense of comfort and security.

However, it is all meant to give you a FULL AND MORE COMPLETE vision of what has occurred to you lately, so that you can then transmute the negative for your benefit.

Learn more in my webinar, where I discussed what this new moon in Gemini means for the collective, as well as EACH OF THE 12 SIGNS.

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