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January 29 Weekly Sun Sign Horoscopes

Here are your sun sign horoscopes for the week of Monday, January 29 to Monday, February 5, 2018:

Aries — where exactly do you see your life going, and what kind of life do you ultimately want to create? That is what is on your mind this week.

However, your big goals and dreams for the future won't be worked out over night. You will still need some time to sit with and to understand them better.

But that obviously doesn't mean you are helpless! (As if an Aries ever could be....) It just means that you need to spend more time this week figuring out what it is you really want and enjoy. 

Taking the time to better understand your own joys and passions, and complete some of your own personal projects, will then help you later on to pursue some new or different aspirations of yours that can put your life in a better place.

It will also help you to do something new that you have not done before, and find the passion in your life once again.

It may be a little uncomfortable, though, having to envision a new life for yourself with everything that has occurred, or making a lot of changes in order to let some new version of your future in, but it is worth it!

Just make sure at the beginning of the week you are paying attention to some of your internal and spiritual needs in order to figure out where exactly you need to go next.

Taurus, I like to think that you are going places! I look at your chart and I do see potential for an increased reputation or social standing, and a better career.

Before you can launch forward to accomplish these great things, though, you first need to make sure that your own personal and emotional needs are taken care of.

Taking care of yourself emotionally, and those that you share a home or family with, will then help you to reach some pretty big, new and important chapters in life you are soon about to step into. It will also help you to make any more changes you need to make so that you can step into a bigger and brighter future.

Other people, of course, may not quite understand what it is you want to create here, but if you try to communicate with them better and bring them on your journey with you, I think they will come around.

Just make sure at the beginning of the week you understand exactly what your goals and dreams are, and what kind of new life you are envisioning for yourself as you move forward.

Gemini — fun, new and exciting chapters are coming your way! Before they do, though, you must make sure all the details are worked out so you fully can launch forth on these cool new projects or plans.

Paying attention to the details and communicating more openly about what is going on with you will then help you to have new or different relationships in your life that are better for you.

It may, however, feel a little hard to integrate all these exciting new plans and relationships into your job or daily routines — with a schedule or some good solid organization being a little hard to wrangle.

Don't let that scare you off! Just double down to make sure all your new plans don't get away from you, and you will be fine.

It might also help too if you re-adjust your expectations about your career, your life direction, or your reputation earlier in the week in order to make room for this new thing you are working on.

Cancer, big changes in your life are coming to end or begin some things and create more of the life you really want.

Before you throw yourself more wholeheartedly into these changes, though, it might do you some good to first make sure your life is stable and secure, and that you have everything you need at your disposal to make some big changes of yours you are considering a success.

Making these changes in your life, if you can avoid taking any unnecessary risks, will then help you to create more of the job or the daily routines that it is you want.

It could, of course, feel a little heavy to make some of these big changes or readjustments in your life — but if you are dedicated, and diligent, and have a plan, things should go more smoothly.

Things may also go more smoothly too if at the beginning of the week you make sure you have the right people in your life to help support you as you make some big moves later on.

Leo, I know you are used to running the show! But sometimes you have to let other people in on the fun, too. That's what you are about to learn — how to partner with other people in the right ways.

Before you do that, though, you first need to make sure your own wants and needs are taken care of. Doing that will then help you to work with other people in a better way — and just be happier!

Of course, it could require quite the readjustment emotionally (or with home and family) in order to incorporate some of these new relationships into your life, but doing so should help you in the long run.

It may also help you at the beginning of the week to rearrange your job or daily routines in order to better accommodate some new relationship and life chapters coming in.

Virgo, your job and what you do on the day-to-day is going to change big time. But before it does — your first need to figure out what you want and need on the inside in order to feel comfortable with this change in your daily routines.

It may require some soul searching or some meditation in order to overcome some things from the past holding you back, better understand what is important to you in life right now, and feel more at peace with your situation.

Allowing yourself to get comfortable with this change in your daily routines, however, can then help you to find more stability in your life and understand yourself emotionally.

Of course, there could be some (more) uncomfortable conversations as you get clarity on your job and daily routines, but it will be worth it in the end to help you better understand your life.

Do what you can at the beginning of the week to work with other people one-on-one to formulate a plan moving forward to help you be happier as your job and daily routines get a makeover.

Libra, it is almost time for you to focus on some passion projects of yours, or on the things that really do make you happy. Before you can focus on that, though, you first need to understand what goals and dreams of yours you have, and where it is you see your life going.

Doing that will then help you to better communicate about your life and the things that are important to you, as well as just make better sense of your life.

However, as you begin to focus more on what makes you happy, there could be some confusion about how exactly to make money or be confident doing this thing you like.

Don't let that get you down too much. Work on doing the things you enjoy (as long as it allows you to reach some big goals and dreams of yours) — and the money situation will slowly start to work itself out.

Just make sure that at the beginning of the week you are organizing your home life, and stepping into a job or daily routine that you feel comfortable with, so that you can really start to move forward on some things you enjoy.

Scorpio — Your home life and emotional well-being are becoming increasingly important to you. Not only paying attention to your home life, but also building and creating something it is that you enjoy.

Before you can focus on those things, however, you must first make sure your life is going in the right direction and that you have the right career. After all, how can you truly feel comfortable in your skin if everything else is falling apart?

You can't! So spend this week making sure the big, important stuff in your life is taken care of so you can pay attention to your internal and emotional needs later.

Doing that will then help you to increase your income and feel more confident using some gifts, skills and talents of yours.

It may take a little bit of an adjustment to focus on personal matters instead of public ones moving forward — and to learn how to work with your home and family in the right ways to create something that is important to you — but it is worth it.

Bringing multiple parts of your life together and in the right ways, will then allow you to make some progress on some big plans and move up in the world in a big way.

Just make sure to communicate about what makes you happy early on the week so you really can begin to build a life based on something that you enjoy.

Sag — You've always got some new kind of project you are working on or are excited about. That's what I like about you. But there comes a time eventually to stop doing so many new and exciting things... and to just pick one!

Thankfully, that time is not this week — but it is coming soon! Tie up any loose ends you may have in regards to some new passion project you are working on this week. Make sure you have done all that you can to come to a good place with it.

Doing that will then help you to focus on making it real, and integrating it into your life at a later date. It will also help you to move forward making some big progress on some things that are important to you.

Of course, it could feel a little out of your comfort zone to stop exploring things so much and make the new more familiar, but it can help you if you try to settle into life and be more comfortable with what it is you currently have.

Just make sure that your financial situation is in a good place early in the week so you can support a home or family, and feel good using everything it is you have to offer.

That will then help you to feel much better committing to working on and exploring one or two projects of yours in a more personal way.

Capricorn — Stability is the name of the game! You want to feel more stable and secure in life, and more valued for what it is you have to offer.

I think that is very noble of you and very understandable! However, I also think that it is a little shortsighted.

Making money and feeling more secure is only half of the equation! The other half is... taking on a certain amount of risk and change in order to get the money and security that you desire.

As the old saying goes, you have to spend money in order to make money. Well, that I encourage you this week.

You want a better life for yourself?? You have to make the necessary changes in order for that to occur. You want more stability in your life?? Well, first you have to risk the instability.

I know it probably sounds counter-intuitive, but I really do mean it! Taking the risks this week to change your life... is eventually going to help you feel much better. Not just financially either, but also spiritually.

Of course, you may have to make the adjustment to think of your life or your future differently, as a result. Perhaps you have to dream new dreams, or envision a different future for yourself. But that is totally okay, if only you knew how much better you would feel at the end of it all!

And, if you still aren't convinced — don't take my word for it! Talk to some people in your life that you trust and that you are close to, especially at the beginning of the week. They may provide you with just the push you need to take the risks in order to step into the life you always knew deep down you were meant for.

Aquarius, the past few months, you may have had to play by someone else's set of rules. Well, it's time to start taking your power back, and play by some of your own.

Before you do that, though, you need to make sure you have the right or the best people on board with you who not only respect you, but will also be there for you when you pursue some of your own visions.

Doing that will then help you to envision a new or better life for yourself and get to work reaching some big goals or dreams of yours. It could, however, take quite a bit of effort in order to really create the life, career or reputation that you want.

Don't shy away from taking action or doing the hard things that will put your life in the right place. It will pay off in the end and help you step into new chapters that are more comfortable for you.

Just make sure at the beginning of the week you understand more clearly who you are, what you are naturally gifted at, and what you need to do in order to build some more stability into your life in the process.

Pisces, what do you really want or need on the inside to feel more comfortable with life — and how exactly can you achieve that? I feel this week you are doing some big soul searching about what it is that is really important to you.

But before you better understand what that is, and begin to feel more comfortable in life, you may have to make some big changes in your job or your daily routines.

I'm not saying you need to scrap your job or a routine completely! But I am saying... perhaps that is some more re-arranging that needs to be done there. Making the necessary adjustments will then help you to devote more time to the personal things happening inside you and around you.

It will also help you to put your life in the right direction, and have a career that is much more suitable to you. However, it could feel uncomfortable finding the passion in life as you make some of the readjustments, or getting used to something new or different you may have to do as a result.

Try to do what you can at the beginning of the week to envision a new or better life for yourself, and be comfortable with that vision, so the rest of the week can go more smoothly.