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January 22-29 2018 Weekly Sun Sign Horoscopes: Intense Conversations

Here is your sun sign horoscope for the week of Monday, January 22 to Monday, January 29, 2018:

Make sure to read the horoscope for your sun sign, rising sign (ascendant or AS), and moon sign. Find out what yours are here. You will need the exact day, time, and place of your birth.


There could be some intense conversations this week about some new career or life direction you are taking. These conversations could be about your money or your relationships, and how you can work with both of those things to put your life in a better place.

The conversations could also be hard. If you continue to have them, however, they could then help you to make some more changes in your life and fully embrace some new life direction you have been working out for quite some time.

Something unexpected, however, could come up towards the end of the week. Take that unexpected thing and continue to integrate into your current plans, and that should help you feel more at peace with yourself and some new thing you are doing.

Then, the focus comes to envisioning a new or different life based on the changes you are making, and learning how to put yourself out there in front of others and enjoy it!


Taurus, you are about to embark on a major journey in your life! But perhaps there are still some more details to work out before you feel comfortable going on this new adventure.

Spend this week communicating with the people in your life about some new or exciting thing you are doing, and getting your finances in order. That will then help you to feel much better about your relationships and make any changes you need to fully step into these new chapters.

Don't worry, however, if you still don't feel 100 percent on board with this new adventure you are going on by the end of it all. If you keep moving forward and having faith, you might be surprised just how well you fit into this new life you are creating.

Then, your focus shifts to creating the right career or reputation for yourself based on some changes you have been making lately, and working better with your home and family to achieve an increasing social standing. 


Gemini, what is happening in your life right now is no small matter! It's a big one! Requiring major readjustments! Do what you can this week to get yourself, others, and your finances on board with some huge change you are making in your life.

That will then help you to have a better job or daily routine that you feel more comfortable in — and to be healthier too! It will also help you by the end of the week to start working with other people in a better and more exciting way too.

Be prepared, though, should anything unexpected come up over the weekend. Let yourself envision a new life for yourself based on these unexpected things (and not try to control the outcomes), and you will find that you will eventually end up... exactly where it is you need to be.

Then, the focus comes to doing something new you have not done before, and learning how to communicate about this new thing and really make it familiar to you.


Cancer — you know you need people in your life, but wouldn't it be great if they were a lot easier to deal with??? This week, you may have to have some hard conversations with the others in your life in regards to your money, time, and deepest wants and desires.

It could be uncomfortable, but it is worth it. Letting people know what you really want and need will then allow you to feel much happier and more excited about your life. It will also help you to organize your life and daily routines and have the job it is that you want.

Be prepared, though, if your life happens to take an unexpected turn you were not planning on as a result. It could be a little jarring, but it will ultimately help you to do something new you have not done before and feel much more comfortable about some new adventure you are embarking on.

After that, it's all about getting down and dirty in your relationships! And seeing what you and the other people in your life are made of. Just make sure that as you are making lots of changes in your life, that your own personal and financial needs are also being considered.


Leo, your job and daily routines have been changing quite a bit recently. Well, there is still more to change — especially in regards to money and relationships — before you can settle into your new or different life.

Change what needs changing on your job or daily routines, and have the hard conversations too. That will then help you to feel much better emotionally about your life, build something that really is important to you, and feel more comfortable with home and family. It will also help you to be happier.

Just beware should anything new or unexpected come up over the weekend in regards to your job or daily routine. It may be a little unsettling at first, but it will help you to feel much better about your finances and finally create a life you really want.

After that, the focus for you is all on other people — and how you can partner with them one-on-one to accomplish some things that are important to you... just remember not to neglect yourself in the process!


Virgo, I really want to know why it takes so much effort to just be happy nowadays... and why too it takes so much conversation!

Do people just not get you and your needs? Or are you too having trouble understanding what it is that will make you happy? 

I'm not entirely sure, but there is so much going on in your own mind this week I feel I just have to say — Don't overthink things! Do what your heart desires. Then, say what needs saying and be done with it.

That will then help you to feel much more comfortable in your life, work better with home and family, and finally start to build something that is important to you.

Some unexpected change or financial investment could come up on Sunday, though. Adjust your perspective on what it is you want or enjoy, and your relationships will get much easier.

After that, your focus then shifts to your job and the work you do on the day-to-day. Do what you can to better organize your life and have a good job or routine — but don't forget to make sure that same job or routine is also what you really want deep down.


Libra, I look at your chart like a hermit crab that just got its shell pulled off! So much potential, but no place to nurture it and let it grow.

Well, not anymore! Not this week. You are being asked to stop with the indecision! Stop with the feelings of loss and homelessness! Stop with the feelings of uncertainty!

Either you will come to the realization this week that something big in your life needs to change (and work to change it), or someone else might help you to it.

Accept that you have outgrown your old habits and comfort zones, and take the initiative to create new habits and new comfort zones....and you will be fine.

That will then help you to bring more money to you, and feel more confident in your own skin. It will also help you to communicate much better about what is going on within you.

Of course, some unexpected and uncomfortable conversations with others could still occur... but if you let your relationships test your boundaries and confront you (especially toward the end of the week), it just might help you to get your life in gear!

Then, your focus comes to being happy in your life with everything that has transpired. Try the best you can to lighten up and find the joy once again — but don't forget to reach for the stars towards some big dreams of yours in the process.


Scorpio, lots is changing this week in how you communicate and who you communicate with. Perhaps there is some negotiating going on too with other people in regards to the finances you share with them and what your relationships look like.

Have the hard conversations and negotiations — which you are naturally gifted at! The outcome for you looks pretty positive, at least by my estimation, which will then help you to expand your life in some way. It might also help you too to get more income and feel more confident in your life.

Some unexpected things could come up on Sunday, however, in regards to your job or the work that you do. Don't be afraid by this unexpected change. Instead, integrate it into your life and communicate about it more openly. You in the end will be much happier as a result.

After that, it's all about home and family, and building a new life that you can really feel comfortable in. Just don't forget to make sure this new life you are creating is ultimately pointing you in the right direction.


Sag, there is more to life than money, you know. But... not right now, and especially not for you! You have got bills on the brain!

What money you have and don't have, and how you are earning it, is huge. As well as what gifts, skills and talents you can use to cultivate it.

That, to be honest, is not a bad thing! We all need money in life! And to feel personally valued for our own worth. But perhaps that feeling of innate worth for who you are lately has been lacking.

Well, it's time to figure out how you can tip the scales in your favor long term, bring more money in, and feel truly special for what it is you have to offer people.

Have the hard conversations with others this week about the things that are important to you so you get more money and confidence. That will then help you to feel more at peace on the inside and do some things that are really important to you.

It may also help you to attract some unexpected joy or passion project that can help you to feel much more comfortable in life and build something that is important to you.

After that, it's all about communicating about your grand plans and ideas as you embark on some pretty cool new adventures.


As I think about writing this description, the pop artist Madonna comes to mind. One thing that has made her work so great over the years, is her ability to reinvent herself time and time again. To be one person for one album..... and another person years later for another album. And to push some boundaries too!

That is what is happening now to you. You are having your Madonna moment! You are re-inventing yourself and pushing your own (and everyone else's) boundaries as a result.

It could be hard and it could be uncertain — but it is worth it. Do what you can to let everyone know what is going on with you and how you are changing, even if it is uncomfortable.

Having the hard conversations will then allow you to reach some new goals or dreams of yours and feel more at peace on the inside about who it is you are becoming.

But beware of any unexpected emotional experience that my occur over the weekend. Or something in regards to home or family. It could bring some instability into your life as you move forward trying to re-create yourself.

However, it doesn't have to be all bad. Use the experience to get more clarity on your life and who you are, and to be more open about what has been going on with you — and you will be fine!

After that, the focus then comes to using more of your gifts, skills and talents... and learning how to appreciate your own worth. Just make sure that you're not afraid to partner with other people to make your dreams happen in the process.


Aquarius, you are coming to the end of a cycle — the end of an old life or way of living previously. That can be scary because... you don't know what's next. But it can be truly liberating because.... you can make what comes next whatever you want it to be!

Spend some time this week in meditation or introspection to figure out just what it is you want next, and to get truly excited about all life has to offer. That will then help you to envision a new life for yourself and take the steps you need to put your life in a better direction.

Do look out for any unexpected conversations or insights that could come up over the weekend, though. They may come out of nowhere. However, they definitely can help you to increase your confidence or income as you make some big readjustments in life.

After that, the focus comes more to you, and doing some of the things that you are only just now thinking up! Just don't forget to include some of the other people in your life as well as you begin to explore a variety of other options for your life. 


Pisces, life sure does take some interesting turns! And your life, especially, has been undergoing quite a major change the past few years.

Well, now it is the time to settle into that change, and all the hard work you have done to get here. It is also time to envision a new future based on everything you have worked for so far.

That new future, however, could mean changing some of your resources or relationships in order to better accommodate some of your dreams or aspirations.

Do what needs to be done to let that new vision of yourself in. That will then help you to find more of the passion and excitement for life, as well as continue to reach for higher levels of status and recognition.

Some unexpected thing could come up in your finances over the weekend — with money either coming in or out — as you move toward some new goal. Accept it for what it is so you can start to make sense of and get more clarity on who you are or will need to be in this next stage of your life.

After that, your focus turns inward, as you to prepare to reach and work towards some new visions for the future you may not have originally been planning on.