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June 12 Business Astrology: Looking for feedback

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, June 12 to Sunday, June 18:

This horoscope is specifically for entrepreneurs, artists, business owners, makers, CEOs and anyone else seeking to build a spiritual business.

Last week, it was important for us to be very transparent with our employees, business partners and other people that may have a stake in our business. We were making some changes to the way the company operated, and needed to fill everyone in on what was happening.

It may also have required you to bring some things out into the light that you had been discussing behind closed doors, and to really set the vision for the company on what some of those changes meant and where everything was really going.

Now that a lot of the changes have been made and the cat is out of the bag, this week is the week to get feedback from your people, employees, and customers about how that change is working. Did you make the right decision — or did you not? What other small tweaks can be made to make your company the best it can be?

That is the focus of this week. However, before you can make a few other tweaks — which is going to continue to be a theme over the next few weeks and into the next month — you need to understand what it is people really think and feel about what is going on with your business.

Do what you can to understand others and your situation. It may be frustrating at the beginning of this week, where you feel as though your people still do not understand what is going on, or agree with the decisions that have been made — but once you open up and talk to people honestly, the confusion, uncertainty or difficulty should begin to clear. 

In other words, there is much opportunity to make things right with people this week, but you must be willing to get out of your comfort zone to do it. And you must be willing to be more open, honest and transparent.

Once you do that, use the feedback you get from others to better inform your business decisions moving forward. On Thursday, you may need to use this information you have gathered to make some big choices about who or what the company really is — and what it needs to do to make a name for itself.

Choose wisely. There may be lots of things the company is really good at, or enjoys — but only a few of those things will get you the results you desire. Once you make those decisions — and hopefully the right ones — things will begin to flow more smoothly.

I see there being lots of opportunity to be creative at the end of this week and take risks, as well as to try new things and work together with other people in your industry.

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