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June 26 Business Astrology: Taking command of your potential

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, June 26 to Sunday, July 2:

This horoscope is specifically for entrepreneurs, artists, business owners, makers, CEOs and anyone else seeking to build a spiritual business.

Your business has probably undergone much change in the past six months, or even longer. Perhaps you have been trying to completely re-organize the company or some of your projects in order to better reach some of your goals and have them resonate more completely with your mission.

This week marks the end of those changes. It's no longer a time to completely re-organize, shuffle and shift everyone around. It's a time to trust, believe and accept the shuffles and shifts you have already made. It's a time to fully step into and own the new business you have created.

Of course, it may not be a new business — although for some of you it may be — but it may definitely feel like one. Do what you can this week to channel all of these changes into a set of daily routines, processes or conversations that are productive.

There is real power this week to build more stability and security into the core of your company if you use it in the right ways. There is also real potential for this power to be squandered and abused, too.

Don't let yourself or other people in the company taint the waters by complaining about the changes your business has made, speaking negatively about your business, or mishandling it. That doesn't mean be harsh on your people, either. This week, above many others, calls for grace and compassion!

But it does mean to provide a gentle touch guiding your business in the right direction. And to be more mindful of your actions this week. Don't barge forward on new projects that are important. And don't let them sit and stir and wallow away either.

Take command of all the potential your business has. Don't get lost in negative loops or self talk, or in too many private conversations behind closed doors. Use everything you have to create the reputation you want in the world, and to take the risks you need to take to move forward. But do it in a way that is cool, calm, collected and strategic.

If you can do that this week, there is not much that can be denied to you.