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June 5 Weekly Astrology: Be the change you need in your life

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, June 5 to Sunday, June 11:

This is a general reading of the energies in the sky for this week. Even though the astrology will hit each person differently, we are all experiencing many of the same astrological alignments.


Your life is changing. Your perspective needs to change too.

This week is an entire re-orientation of how we look at our lives. It needs to actually register with us inside that life is not, nor will be, what it has always been.

That is because we have very few major aspects this week. Many, in fact, carry over from the previous week (even though things do look like they are on the up and up). But Mercury, which rules our mind, perception and consciousness, does make some big moves in the next few days, and a lot of other planets either change signs of change directions.

When planets change signs or direction, they aren't necessarily indicative of big external events occurring in our lives, but of major shifts in our subconscious or psyche.

That is what is called for this week. The major mental shifts we need to wrap our heads around in order to move forward in life.

This mental shift is one where we are moving from manifesting things in our life in a very tangible or practical way, to focusing more on the hearts and emotions of ourselves and others.

Things are, of course, still happening to us, and opportunities are still flowing — perhaps now more than ever in recent memory. But the opportunities now are less about building, and more about creating an environment that is safe, secure and loving.

These opportunities are also not necessarily new, but from seeds we have planted in the past. And will not just fall into our laps. We will need to go out to meet them. That is why having our minds in the right place is so important.

Adjusting our perspective really will allow us to go out, chase after what makes us happy, and this month — actually attain it. After all, by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. Be the change you need in your life this week.

Whatever you do, you should find some success with it as well, if not now then in the coming weeks. Venus moves into Taurus and Mercury into Gemini at the middle of this week, giving us an extra boost to move forward on relationships, or the things we love, and to communicate about them.

It may require you to come into your power in an entirely new way, but the lights are about to turn on bigly when Jupiter officially turns direct. Good new things are coming. And we should be able to build on them in a way that is really solid, too.

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