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May 29 Weekly Astrology: Making the magic happen

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, May 29 to Sunday, June 4:

This is a general horoscope for all signs focusing on love, relationships, and your spiritual and emotional well-being. For your weekly horoscope by sign, click here.

Last week, you may have felt some intensity around your relationships, money and other resources, or values. You may have also felt compelled to make some big choices in life around which one of these things you wanted to commit to and spend the time working out in order to reach some of our larger goals in life.

This week, you are still making some of these big changes and dealing with some deep feelings about what it is you really want in life and are willing to spend at least the next year working towards. You are also spending time at the beginning of this week communicating with others about these changes or feelings that have come to you.

At first, you may feel uncertain about some of these things, and other people may not take to them too kindly, perhaps being bothered or put off that they have yet to change once again to better accommodate something or someone else. It also may take some time for all of these changes to begin to fall into place just right.

But by the end of the week, things begin to look much better. That's when you are no longer just talking about making changes, but actually living and doing them. Again, it may not feel comfortable to do some of the things that you have decided on and made adjustments for, but if you are patient, the beauty will come.

At the end of the week, real insights and special moments are possible. You will begin to see the magic that has come from you persevering through some of the hardship and making the decisions that you did. Venus will conjunct Uranus in Aries bringing big flashes of insight from the people, projects, money or values you have re-adjusted.

These sparks of insights will most likely be unexpected, out of the blue, or not planned for. Enjoy them, and take them as they come. They are meant to help you reach your destiny and move your forward in life.

However, don't get too anxious or overzealous. It is important to remember this week to be patient, loving and kind. Everything has its own divine timing. Things, for once, are finally starting to fall into place. But when you have big goals and big dreams, it doesn't happen over night.

Take the time to enjoy the moment — and provide the space to let new magic into your life. It's there if you open your arms to it ... and have put in all the hard work this year to get to it.

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