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May 29 Business Astrology: Thriving with people and projects

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, May 20 to Sunday, June 4:

This horoscope is specifically for entrepreneurs, artists, business owners, makers, CEOs and anyone else seeking to build a spiritual business.

Last week, you may have been making some big choices in your business about the people your manage, the money you have, and the projects your company is working on.

This could have been a decision to move people around to work on different teams, a decision to re-allocate some money you had put into one area to another, or a decision to change some kind of project you were working on to better accommodate the goals of the business.

Whatever it is, you were thinking big time about what it is you want to accomplish in your business, and what it is that you are willing and able to commit to building for at least the next year.

At the beginning of this week, you are still thinking very seriously about these things and making some hard choices. You are also beginning to communicate more and more with others about what it is that has come to you about what needs to happen or change.

There could be some hesitance, difficulty or uncertainty that comes from this communication. Perhaps you yourself are unsure of the changes you want to make, or perhaps other people don't receive them well. There could also be a general sense of anticipation for these changes to happen, and a need to wait and be patient to actually see if your plans will work.

Stay calm at the beginning of this week, and trust that you know what you're doing. If you stay true to the changes you need to make and push forward, real genius is possible at the end of this week. That is when you move from no longer just talking about your plans, but to actually living and doing them.

You could then receive real sparks of insight about some of these decisions you have made. Perhaps you really did need to move that person from Team A to Team B, even if they didn't want to be moved. Perhaps you really did need to cut funding for that project that doesn't have that much promise so you could spend it elsewhere. Perhaps that one team you have did need to be re-organized.

The reasons behind your decisions and inklings you have made or felt during this time will begin to become more clear. Things will begin to flow much more smoothly or quickly than they have in the past, and in some really unusual ways too. Embrace it!

But don't push too hard either. At the end of the week, the sun in Gemini squares neptune in Pisces indicating a need to be sensitive, intuitive and compassionate when it comes to other people. Making changes may be hard (and we've been through so many of them in the past few months), but you must have faith that things are going to start working for you once again.

Give your people, projects and money the benefit of the doubt, and do your best to provide the space and time for them to flourish. If you've made the right decisions, and done your best to set the company up for success, know that it will come to you in time.

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