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June 2017 Horoscope: Getting in touch with your heart

Here is your horoscope for the month of June:


"Work of the eyes is done, now

go and do heart-work

on all the images imprisoned within you; for you

overpowered them: but even now you don't know them.

Learn inner man, to look on your inner woman,

the one attained from a thousand

natures, the merely attained but

not yet beloved form."

- Rainer Maria Rilke, Turning-Point


If anyone told you in the past few months, "I can't focus on relationships right now because I'm too busy figuring out myself." They probably actually meant it.

(That is, unless they were a Libra or Aquarius, who were having major identity crises about relationships.)

But, this month, that is no longer an excuse! Relationships, love, passion projects, money and anything having to do with the heart is going to take center stage. That's because we've dealt with all the other junk, and can now direct more of our attention to the lighter side of life, and the smaller tweaks we need to make to get us moving in the right direction. That definitely includes relationships, and bringing more love back into our life.

We are no longer dealing with the big emotional baggage of the past few months — trying to re-direct our lives and create a reality that more closely aligns with our identity.

To be honest, we should have already done that.

Now is the time to enjoy the journey with the people that you have chosen to surround you.

We start the month making some hard choices about the people in our lives and the money we have. We're trying to decide which of the people or resources we have that we want to commit to and put in the hard work of fighting for. We're also focusing on which way is the best way to use our money or relationships to get to where we want to go.

If we are not happy with some of these people or financial resources we have, we're also willing (or need to be willing) at the beginning of the month to change some of these things to better accommodate our goals. 

This can include moving some of our money around to support other projects we are more passionate about. Or changing some of our close relationships to associate more regularly with the people who truly get us, or in ways that better support our growth.

This may not be easy, but it is necessary. That's because the rest of the month, after the first few days of intense decisions, are all about communicating about these decisions we have made with others early on.

I don't see this communication as bad, though. I see it as a very constructive time to figure out what the deal is with some very important people (or financial resources) in your life, talk about some hard things, and finally move past it. That's because Venus, which is finally out of retrograde, will move into Taurus, where it likes to be. Jupiter in Venus-ruled Libra will also turn direct. And Mercury the planet of communication will enter its home sign of Gemini.

As to where it may have been difficult the past few months to find that groove you desire with others, it will be much easier this time around.

Mars, too, will be in fall in Cancer, making us a lot less likely to bicker and argue, and a lot more likely to love others, and search for security and stability. We're beginning to end a time of intense travel, adventuring, and soul-searching — and learning how to focus more on the frontier that is right before us, and make it comfortable.

That includes getting everything out in the open. Once more information has come to us regarding the people or money in our lives, it will be a lot easier to make the adjustments we need moving forward and act on relationships in a way that is solid and stable.

The end of the month sees us making lots of decisions about our relationships and who it is we really want to be. It may also require us to do a lot of communicating about some deep feelings we have in a way that is warm and loving, so as not to upset the balance of our lives.