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May 22 Weekly Astrology: Clarity comes about your path forward

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, May 22 to Sunday, May 28:

Last week, we may have had to make some major decisions about who we are right now and what it is we truly want before deciding to move forward and progress on our journey. It was important that we had this laser focus on the details of our life so that we made sure we didn't forget anything important we might need a few months or years from now down the road, even if it felt pointless.

We may also have received some insights or sparks of genius about our life and where exactly we are heading. If not, we may have felt a sense of anxiousness (or even impending doom) that some big insights were about to come. This week is the week they finally hit.

However, it won't come until mid-week. Wednesday night and into Thursday. Then the intensity will stay with us. Before that, though, we may experience some frustration moving forward with people, friends or on personal projects.

The revival, though, starts with the new moon in Gemini, bringing a much more fresh, lighter and playful air to our lives, one that supports communication in any form and exploring ideas.

But that playfulness and light-heartedness may be stifled by a few other more challenging aspects. These aspects, however, are not meant to trip you up and bring you down in life — but instead to provide you with the clarity that you need in order to make better decisions moving forward.

We have been through the ringer since the beginning of this year, formulating almost an entirely new life or identity for ourselves. Anything that can happen now, really is just ancillary.

As the new moon hits on Thursday night, Venus and Pluto will link up in a square. This will bring much intensity to you from or about your relationships, your financial resources, of what it is that you really enjoy and make you happy.

Pluto can make you obsessive about issues and somewhat argumentative, so perhaps there is some issue regarding your relationships that you feel needs to be dealt with immediately and addressed head on. Because of this intensity, it can also bring major change and bold, declarative decisions about the people in your life and the projects you want to pursue.

While this is happening, Mars will be quietly sliding into an opposition with Saturn on Sunday, which occurs about once every two years, forcing you to make choices about what you want and where your life is going. You will have to decide which parts of your life you really want to devote your time and attention to in order to get you to the place you want to be in life.

Keep in mind, though, that the things you commit to now will take until at least this time next year to come to fruition. They will also take much hard work and undergo major changes, and will require you to communicate about them often — so be careful which projects you decide to take on. They will have staying power, for better or for worse.

But as you move forward, make sure not to neglect making any decisions at all! You need to decide on something by the end of this week and into the next. Or at least make a plan to decide something soon. Uranus will trine the north node at the end of this week giving you the boost you need to skate towards your destiny, but that's only if you've learned your lessons well over the past few months and made the right decisions about your life moving forward.

Use the information you receive this week to direct your life. Whatever happens now is going to light the way to your path forward. God is going to show you what is meant for you at this time, and what, in so many ways, is not. This is the week things finally start picking up — and stay that way.