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May 22 Business Astrology: Setting yourself up for success

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, May 22 to Sunday, May 28:

Last week, I said it was a good time to re-evaluate some of your employees, finances or projects to discover what truly aligns with the kind of brand or company you want to create, and what doesn't. This did not mean throwing out your entire project and starting all over again. (You should have already done that months ago, if that were the case.)

Instead, it meant making little tweaks here and there to get all your projects and endeavors on solid footing. I mentioned that if you did not do this, some problems may arise down the road.

I also said last week that it was a good time to get insights or receive revelations about your public image, how you want to be seen by others in the industry, and what it is you truly want to be known for.

That continues this week. However, you move more from thinking about making some small tweaks with people and projects, to actually making them. That won't kick in, though, until about mid-week. Until then, things are still ruminating, as you try to figure out the best way to deal with money or people, and ultimately act on those insights.

It isn't until Thursday that you begin to feel more freedom to move, communicate, talk to other people about your plans, and market yourself. The new moon occurs in Gemini, bringing a light and playful air to your conversations and marketing campaigns, where it's not so much about deep thinking and doing, but instead about discussing and exploring.

However, this light conversation does pack a serious punch. Right as you begin to communicate more openly with others inside and outside the company about what you are planning, you have some serious decisions to either make or communicate with others.

These decisions will most likely involve, like I mentioned earlier, some changes in regards to the people you work with and your money situation in order to better accommodate your plans. Perhaps you decide that you need to move money from one project to another, or switch some of your employees to a different team that are a better fit for them.

You may feel very strongly about some of these decisions, or be very obsessive or intense about them. That is fine, but it may catch some people off guard — it is Gemini season after all! Do what you can to temper some of these big things you have been thinking about, and channel them into an outlet that is far more exploratory.

As this is happening, you may also have to make some choices about how to communicate or market yourself inside and outside the company in order to expand your business in a way that can increase your public image. Choose wisely how and what you would like to communicate to others about what it is that is going on with you and your company.

Not necessarily because you are going to say the wrong thing, but because whatever you say now... your public will hold you accountable to! You don't want to get caught a year from now having made no progress on a promise you made this week. Be sensitive to that.

It does not mean you cannot make big declarations about you and the company and where it is going. It just means that.. they better be declarations you truly want and believe in. They will have staying power.

Once you do that, it will become much easier for you to take the risks and pursue the innovations that can really help you reach your goals. The pace of things is about to pick up! If you've been doing the past few months right, you should hopefully sense that your business is starting to gain momentum — though the real boom won't entirely come until January.