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May 15 Weekly Astrology: Working out the kinks

Here is your weekly horoscope for Monday, May 15 to Sunday, May 22:

This horoscope is a general reading and applies to all signs.

This week, we're finally moving forward and embracing our future, but first, before everything can get up and running at a nice pace, we need to work out some of the kinks and get used to this new life we are entering into.

Those kinks will mostly include relationships and what makes us happy, as well as truly focusing on what it is we really want in life.

This week, we may be faced with a choice between doing the thing that other people want us to do, or doing the thing that we want as individuals. A tug of war in a sense exists between two parts of your life — one part that you feel more passionate about than the other. Go with what you want, and what makes you happy or helps you thrive. Of course, try not to alienate others if you can, but don't go to great lengths to placate them either.

In your haste to move forward, also don't forget to make sure all areas of your life are under wraps. With energy like this, we may get so tempted to move forward, we neglect important parts of our lives.

Make sure you focus on your identity, and who you are at your true core — right now, as we speak — before moving forward. Failure to focus on, understand, and address what is happening right now in front of you can lead to skipped steps, missing information, and half-baked plans missing crucial parts of the conversation.

Everything, of course, will seem fine now, if we neglect those things —  but will come back to bite us big time in the future when we realize what a mistake we made for not addressing them.

Take great care this week to dot your i's and cross your t's before moving forward.

This may involve much communication about what it is that has come to you in the past few months and where exactly you want to go in life, too. Share your thoughts about your plans for the future. All this talk about your life and what is going on may help to expose some potential flaws in your plan that need addressing.

That is okay. Better to address them now than let them pile up later.

Besides, you seem in a very good place to handle them this week, too. That's because it's very possible that you may receive some special insights or unexpected news you need in order to move forward. It looks to be good.

Use that information as fuel. Of course, there may be some old pains or hurts this week that come up about what you want, but I feel you can move past them.

You've been there, done that by this point. Any challenges that are coming up now are just old hat — and we're moving on. Don't let them bother you.

Lighter times are, in fact, ahead — but we may just have to wait a tad bit longer before they finally begin to arrive at a quicker pace.

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