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May 15 Business Astrology: Standing on the brink

Here is your horoscope for Monday, May 15 to Sunday, May 22:

This horoscope is specifically for entrepreneurs, artists, business owners, makers, CEOs and anyone else seeking to build a spiritual business.

This week, you've finally reached a new chapter in your business or company. It's no longer about making big changes to your business plan or dealing with old finances, but about moving forward.

However, it won't be without its kinks. As you begin to move forward, you will most likely need to address some issues related to the people that you manage, the things you enjoy doing, and where you want to spend your finances moving forward.

This week is a week to put people and money first before you begin to expand your business. It can be tempting to move forward at a record pace to beat old goals and build up your business... fast. However, that can be dangerous this week.

Go slow. Take your time. And get all your ducks in a row before charging onward. Most of the things you will need to organize are your human resources ... and your monetary ones.

Realize that in order to reach big goals, you need solid strategies in place, and the right people working on the right projects. You also need to make sure that the money you need and have gets budgeted to the right places.

Don't overextend yourself or your resources, and don't move forward without a solid strategy in place and some good people to help you (if you need outside help). Failure to do so could result in some pretty big issues down the road that will leave you scratching your head. 

(How exactly did we get in debt? Why are our strategies not working? Why are all our employees rebelling?)

Of course, now you will not realize the mistake you are making if you neglect to do so. But it will reappear at a later time, even more vicious, glaring and burdensome than it is now. Take care of it while you can, and while it it easy.

I feel as though that should not be a problem. There is much motivation this week, especially to communicate about your business goals, or some possible creative risks or innovations you would like to take to get where you need to go.

I encourage you to talk about these things — or to let other people know in some way what you've got planned. There could be some insight you receive about your business as a result, or perhaps some increase in your reputation or public standing that can help propel you forward.

Don't expect the insight or increase to be too catastrophic, though. We are still preparing for what is yet to come. Use the things that happen this week as fuel for the fire you are just getting started.

Time to overcome some past hurts about your business or projects that have perhaps been very sensitive or hidden behind the scenes. A new chapter is here!

In the coming weeks, communicating about and marketing your company will become increasingly important. Right now, though, you are standing on the brink of greatness.

Don't push yourself before it is time. It will arrive soon enough and will not pass you by. Slow, steady steps for now.