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May 2017 Astrology: The turning point!

Here is your horoscope for May 2017:

"The road from intensity to greatness passes through sacrifice." — Kasner

Let's time travel together for a second.

In the past few months (since January, really), we have been formulating a new personal identity just under the surface of our awareness, re-evaluating our lives, and trying to emerge into an existence that is more authentic.

That's because we've had an unusual amount of planets pass through Pisces, the solar 12th house and last sign of the zodiac, go retrograde, back up and then pass through it again. The 12th house represents retirement and — if you allow me to go so far — prisons, hospitals, confusion, and uncertainty. Since January, we have been in the retirement, prison, or hospital phase of our lives.

That means we have been re-adjusting our lives to a new way of living, taking a hard look at some of our past choices (though hopefully not being too hard on ourselves for them), and doing what we can to heal ourselves.

Just last month, a lot of the planets that were in Pisces, finally were able to break free and move into Aries, the solar 1st house and first sign of the zodiac, signaling the dawn of a new day and a new identity. However, they were under much stress.

Aries right now is being squared by Pluto (indicating great change), opposed by Jupiter (bringing difficulty in relationships and attracting good things to you), and hosting Uranus (the planet of surprise and rebellion). Every planet that went through the sign in the past few months (mercury, venus, mars and the moon) was basically bracing for a huge collision with one of these bad boys.

This month, in May, that is no longer the case. (Except for Venus, your relationships, which still has to face-off with these bullies once again, but in a more advantageous way).

But before I go into May. Let's talk about June. June and into the rest of year looks beautiful. It's at this time that life is no longer about formulating a new identity and having the courage to be it — but in allowing yourself to love, appreciate, understand and stick with the things that you have decided you now value. By that time, Venus will be at home in Taurus where it loves to be and out of the fire, bringing more comfort into your life.

Mercury will also be at home in Gemini, bringing a very open, communicative, playful and exploratory vibe to life. And Mars, while not particularly well placed, will be in Cancer, the sign of home, stability, comfort, and divine nurturing. It's a time of building and exploring the home you have made for yourself.

While Mercury and the sun will eventually oppose Saturn in June, and Mars will oppose Pluto, requiring great balance between the changes you want to make in your life and how you integrate them into your whole being, things will not be nearly as confusing or frustrating as they have been.

That leave us now, here in May, somewhere in between — between the confusion and frustration of the past few months, and the joyful security of June. But how exactly, do we transition from one chapter of life to another? I will tell you. Slowly, then all at once, to borrow a line from John Green's "The Fault In Our Stars."

The month starts with some confusion, unexpected adjustments and frustrations on our journey, especially as Mercury conjoins Uranus and then stations. We may have to deal with some unexpected news or work to break free unexpectedly of some things holding us back.

Shortly after, Pluto will trine the sun, bringing major changes to our identity as a result of this unexpected news, and Mars will square Neptune, bringing in the confusion about how to act.

But the month gains momentum fast!  Mid month is a fire cracker. While things may still be confusing or frustrating at this time, a bunch of beneficial placements begin to kick in to... at the very least, give you the passion and motivation to deal with it.

The nodes change signs bringing more love, excitement and heart into your life. And a beautiful fire trine between Saturn, the north node, and mercury conjunct Uranus, sets the sky ablaze. Things may still be hard with some Jupiter and Saturn oppositions still ongoing, but it seems that we begin to care less and less. Our desire to succeed begins to outweigh our fear of any loss.

The full moon in Scorpio too on May 10 also helps to end some of our worries and fears. It signals the end of a time of emotional uncertainty and depth, and the impending beginning of a time of white-hot passion and intellectual inspiration.

But it's not until the end of the month that the heavens open up. Literally. Uranus (in mythology, the god of Heaven) and Mars makes some crazy sextiles in the sky. And a beautiful kite activating many parts of the month's chart kicks in, too. Unexpected things start to happen — and very fast! — to free you from the mess you thought your life was in.

These unexpected things too are no longer as challenging as they have been, but instead this time... liberating and full of promise! Life is moving once again. Things are happening fast. Insight and inspiration is coming to you. The pieces are beginning to fall into place. Experience it! 

As my favorite philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche might say about a time like this — "Amor Fati" — or “Love Your Fate, which is in fact your life."

Of course, your relationships, ruled by Venus, still have yet to go through a bit of a transformation with Venus trailing behind the rest of the pack, but most of the hard work has been done. Life is, indeed, finally changing! Embrace it!

As a result, I wanted to leave you with this beautiful poem by my all-time favorite poet! (My Saturn return in Sagittarius squaring my natal north node and Mars in Pisces — AND opposing my Gemini stellium — is really bringing my artistic, philosophical side out.)


by Rainer Maria Rilke

Translated by Stephen Mitchell

For a long time he attained it in looking.

Stars would fall to their knees

beneath his compelling vision.

Or as he looked on, kneeling,

his urgency's fragrance

tired out a god until

it smiled at him in its sleep.


Towers he would gaze at so

that they were terrified:

building them up again, suddenly, in an instant!

But how often the landscape,

overburdened by day,

came to rest in his silent awareness, at nightfall.


Animals trusted him, stepped

into his open look, grazing,

and the imprisoned lions

stared in as if into an incomprehensible freedom;

birds, as it felt them, flew headlong

through it; and flowers, as enormous

as they are to children, gazed back

into it, on and on.


And the rumor that there was someone

who knew how to look,

stirred those less

visible creatures:

stirred the women.


Looking how long?

For how long now, deeply deprived,

beseeching in the depths of his glance?


When he, whose vocation was Waiting, sat far from home—

the hotel's distracted unnoticing bedroom

moody around him, and in the avoided mirror

once more the room, and later

from the tormenting bed

once more:

then in the air the voices

discussed, beyond comprehension,

his heart, which could still be felt;

debated what through the painfully buried body

could somehow be felt—his heart;

debated and passed their judgement:

that it did not have love.


(And denied him further communions.)


For there is a boundary to looking.

And the world that is looked as so deeply

wants to flourish in love.


Work of the eyes is done, now

go and do heart-work

on all the images imprisoned within you; for you

overpowered them: but even now you don't know them.

Learn, inner man, to look on your inner woman,

the one attained from a thousand

natures, the merely attained but

not yet beloved form.