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April 24 Weekly Astrology: Clearing out all the junk

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, April 24 to Sunday, April 30:

This week, we're beginning to emerge, out from under a very difficult past few months of the year — but it's not without its hiccups!

As we begin to really commit to a new life and identity and move forward with these new plans, unexpected things may come up, throwing you off course a little bit. And some hard uncomfortable feelings, especially regarding those you love, may linger. Know, however, that these difficulties are very gradually moving their way out.

The beginning half of the week is all about tying up and dealing with some hard decisions, choices, or experiences you have had to make recently about where you want your life to go right now, as well as communicating about them with others (in, perhaps, not so flexible a way).

The second half of the week, though, does begin to lighten and get more exciting. At the new moon on Wednesday, we start to step into a new life that is more true to our values, increases our confidence, and looks different on the outside. It is in a positive aspect to Saturn, so whatever happens here does look set to happen very fast and be very important to your life's overall journey.

The next day, however, some unexpected news may come up, as you embark on this new you. Either you yourself want to break free from some restrictions holding you down as a result of all these changes, or others will want to break free from some things holding them down and share it with you.

Whatever it is, it doesn't look entirely new, and will most likely have to do with something that you've been thinking about or experiencing for a while.

Be prepared, but don't stress too much. Things are changing, and I like to think in a good way too! What we're doing right now is clearing out all the junk, so the real journey, story and questions of the next few months of our life can truly come forward in more clarity than ever before.

When Venus makes it's last move into Aries for the rest of the year at the end of the week, you too will feel more motivation to act on the things that you want and that make you happy, with less of a concern for the other things holding you back.