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Each zodiac sign explained in the most poetic way possible

In honor of National Poetry Month, which first started in April of 1996, it only seems logical to post a poem about one of my favorite topics — astrology!

I believe that poetry has the unique ability to touch people's hearts, open our minds, and inspire us to be better people. And that astrology — also has the ability to do the same.

The poem below was found on the Anything Astrology Facebook group and is used with permission by the author João Kauê.

Kauê said he wrote the poem when he first began his studies with astrology. Read the poem below to learn more about each of the zodiac signs or discover something new about your own.

"The Whole Zodiac Dance"

by João Kauê

I - Aries
Explosion in motion
To act my path
Domain my reign
My own alone
To win the throne
To proof my own
Forward warrior
Muscle and bones
This is a war zone

II - Taurus
Stable on the ground
Safe with all have found
Blessed be on the table
More be the label
Five more minutes into this sleep
For all I care I ask to keep

III - Gemini
Fly high mind o' mine
I, fine tiny shinning
Shallow diving or
Moon shine
Shrine o' mine
Or cool finding
Flying highing
It's mine fine
Sunny bright
Stormy windy
Mind o' mine

IIII - Cancer
Feel me care when I touch
Moonlight so, to cry so much
To hold you tighter with me
Cherish a look for you to see
Am I taking you right
With me and it's alright

V - Leo
So big laugher
Tell me a joke
Entertain thy crowd
Into your spoke
So royal mate
Show me your reign
Through you've done
What have you created

VI - Virgo
Separate, categorized
Analyzed all defined
The order will guard my way
Harmonized in all I say

VII - Libra
Balance is the challenge
The clearance, this coherence
Penance or justice
Joyance of guidance
Patience and prudence
The temperance
Before the sentence

VIII - Scorpio
Desires on fires
I came in flames
It's me I see
Loyal in lawless
In choice, flawless
Deep hidden inside
In mind I find
In you I know
The truth, the root
The undergrounded
All unbounded

IX - Sagittarius
Teach me how to live
Talk me through this drift
If it burns, you find it cool
All life, it's just a school
Preach the word which you believe
All those students breath in relief

X - Capricorn
Disciplined in all deeds
Guaranteed all my needs
Walk straight into the path
Sharping the blade with no rest
Focus into what I have to do
Working hard for the greater good

XI - Aquarius
Transform my way
Until the ideal that guide me
Color full all the grey
My mind until it find them
The place where we stay
Brethrenhood to enlighten
Where we all belong
Now to future, singing this song

XII - Pisces
Say I'll swim
Awake still a dream
Moving forms
Forming stories
This illusions
I believe
In faith and hope
I believe