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April Horoscope — Commit to something you want to explore

At the start of this month, you may still feel a little confused or uncertain about your identity, and this new person inside that you are becoming. You know that who you are is changing and that you must go in this new direction, but may not be entirely sure if this new identity is right for you — or if you can truly live it.

But by the end of the month (and continuing into the rest of the year), you will be in a much better place with it. By month's end, you should have a better idea of what you want in life moving forward and are beginning to commit to it and move in this new direction.

However, in between, you may have to change your relationships, your identity and how you act to get what you want want. Because you are no longer the same, everything else in your life also has to change to accommodate this new person. This includes your relationships, your external realities, and your possessions. Making these changes will not happen overnight.

Some unexpected things may also come up in regards to your identity, and your relationships may not feel quite right. You could feel a tendency or desire to break free from your life or from old ways of being and to act in more of a way that is more in line with who you are. This could trouble some of your relationships, or make you feel uncomfortable about the person you are becoming. Know that these things are not meant to hurt you, but to refine your path and propel you forward. Use these unexpected events in this way, and know that there are more to come, slowly, over the next few months.

Have the courage to move forward and pursue your dreams, and act on what you know, value and believe to be true. Know that there is a reason behind what you are experiencing. Saturn, which will retrograde at the beginning of this month, is here to make sure all the kinks are worked out of your plan and that you will be okay moving forward, with more structure, strategy and understanding.

Venus, on the brink of going direct, will also bring new energy into your life at the middle of the month, allowing you to feel more free to move forward with your life and explore the things you truly love, which will continue to be a theme throughout the rest of the month, when Mars moves into Gemini.

The confusion you may have felt at the beginning of the month (and in the past few months since the beginning of the year) was meant to help you see and understand what it is that you need to do next in your life.

Believe in that thing that has come to you in the past few months (whatever that has been for you, though you should already know very clearly what that is) — and move in that direction. Do whatever you can to explore, learn, and collect information about this new thing. And don't look back.

By the end of the month, the time will have passed for you to figure out exactly what it is you want to do next in life. You should already be living it and putting all the puzzle pieces in place.