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March 27 Weekly Astrology — Becoming a new person

Here is your weekly horoscope for March 27 — April 2:

The past few months you may have been feeling confusion, uncertainty, and insecurity as the things in your life change, and the old ways of living give way to the new.

This week is the week to finally begin to be that new person you've been formulating inside for so long. But you must have courage! And trust that what has come to you in the past few months is right for you and/or ultimately for your good.

However, now that you have changed inside, your relationships must change as well to accommodate this new person. This week will be a lot about communication with others about this person inside that you are, or have now become, and the things that you value and believe as a result.

The communication may not be easy, as it may be hard to find just the right words to explain what you are feeling. There may also be some frustration that things aren't falling into place as fast as you would like.

But push through it anyways. And have faith that you are on the right track. This is the beginning of a new journey. Make the changes you need to make so that you can fully embark on it, if not now... then by the end of the year!