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4 free tools to help you harness the power of the moon

The moon is one of the most important parts of an astrological chart. Without it, we would not feel touched or moved by anything that happens to us.

The moon, being the one of the fastest moving celestial bodies, brings life to every other planet in our chart and draws our focus to certain parts of our lives as it moves through the solar system.

Of course, all the planets are constantly moving — and not just the moon, but until the moon touches them, they lack that certain emotional weight.

That’s perhaps why it’s important to track the movements of the moon, and learn to understand its rhythms. To learn more about how the moon affects you and how you can use it to make the best of your life, check out these cool freebies from Soulshine Astrology and Dr. Ezzie Spencer of

Soulshine Astrology, which specializes in personal career readings, offers a lunar calendar that explains which sign the moon is in on each day of the month (moon=month) and what the phases of the moon are. Days you will feel particularly powerful are when the moon is in your natal sun or moon sign.

Days where your plans will have less of a chance of meeting with success are when the moon is void of course, or makes no more aspects to other planets before it enters a new sign. Starting anything during that time, which typically only lasts a few hours, is said to not be as successful as it could be if started at another time.

Spencer of  also offers a planner and printout that provides more information on the lunar phases, or the aspects the moon makes to the sun. This is good for timing when to begin, act, refine, complete, and let go certain projects. Of course, you can do any of those things at any time of the month, but if you plan them according to the moon, they should be met with more success long term.

She also offers a menstrual planner to help women keep track of their menstrual cycle. The moon, because it has about a 28-day cycle, also corresponds to the monthly cycle of a woman’s body.