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Here is your weekly horoscope for Feb. 6-12

Here is your weekly horoscope for Monday, Feb. 6 through Sunday, February 12:

This week, it's time to focus on you and nothing but you. You don't want to do what other people want you to do — and rightfully so! Why should you? You've done that long enough. This month is the month (and this week is a good week too) to finally start to break free and focus on the things that you yourself value.

This may, however, require you to rethink some of your relationships that you are currently in — either ending them for something that is better, or re-working them into something that is more suitable. And to think in new ways about how your relationships can get you to your destiny.

The beginning of the week may be a little frustrating, but as the week moves on, things start to happen very fast in your relationships, and you begin to make moves to bring these new happenings out of the shadows and into the light of day. This is when communication becomes extra important. Do your best to make the space with yourself and others to allow new magic to happen in your life.

You'll want to take a major step forward this Friday at the lunar eclipse in Leo. At this time, we are appreciating and then ending something in our life that has brought us happiness or passion. Perhaps something that once was good for us, or brought us joy, no longer does, or needs to end. Let it. New passions await! If you make the move to maneuver your life in the right direction.

And while we're talking about the "right direction," know that you'll intuitively feel it — and that it's about more than just maneuvering your relationships into a better place — but also your money, finances, love and anything else that you value. In astrology, Venus, one of the main movers this week, represents both people and your personal possessions, such as property or finances. Something in those areas needs to change. Could be either — or both! But I have a feeling that you will know what it is.

Now is the time. Start to make new plans and re-adjust old ones.