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What's your favorite asteroid?

Most beginners to astrology start with learning the planets and luminaries, which exert the most influence over our daily lives. But they're not the only heavenly bodies that impact our daily experience on earth.

There are certain asteroids that can oftentimes have a very powerful and profound impact, and are often less talked about. Some of the reasons they are less well-known is because there are so many of them, with many different meanings, that oftentimes overlap the messages of the planets, moon and sun — and that not all of them figure prominently in a chart.

For example, there is Juno, most commonly referred to as the marriage or soulmate asteroid. Where Juno is in your chart often refers to how you enter into long-term committed relationships with others (and not just how you feel about relationships, or another person). However, its qualities can also be somewhat explained by Venus, the planet of love; Mars, the planet of action; and Pluto, the planet of power and shared resources.

Why look to the asteroids when you can look to the other bigger and more powerful planets for information?

But some people appreciate the insight asteroids offer because they provide more depth to a chart, and can be very helpful when examining the obscure, minute or subconscious parts of a person's life or daily experience that perhaps cannot be explained by the other planets and aspects.

Claire, of Black and the Moon and creator of the Arcana of Astrology oracle deck, compiled a list of some of the major asteroids and their meanings so that you don't have to.

Read the blog post here to learn more about 10 of the major asteroids and how they can impact your life.

After that, it's time to study up on your fixed stars. (And to buy her beautiful oracle deck.)

What's your favorite asteroid? Leave a note in the comments.