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March 2017 Forecast

Here is your horoscope for March 2017:


We start off the month still wanting to move forward in some way and make some big, hard changes in our lives we know we need to make, even if they're difficult or confusing. These changes are very much so related to what we want in life and where we think we’re headed — as well as, what other people want in life, and where we’re going with them.

I think at the beginning of the month, we will choose what makes the most sense to us internally and brings us the most peace. But things change fast mid-month — where it becomes less about moving forward on ourselves, and more about reviewing the choices we have made, and the situations we have founds ourselves in.

When Mars moves into Taurus, with both Jupiter and Venus retrograde, life then becomes much more about other people and the things that we value deep down. The full moon in Virgo also brings the focus to our possessions, and the very details of our physical existence.

Have we been making the right choices and decisions? Do we have the life that resonates with every single part of us — mind, body and spirit? Are we confident with the situations we are in, and do we have the people and things that we truly value in our lives?

The second half of the month ushers in a very serious tone — where our life is no longer about passion and fun, but about security, people and value. With Pluto squaring Jupiter and Uranus for most of the month, some serious cuts or re-adjustments may need to be made to make sure our lives are rock solid.

Do it now. Once we make these changes, which may not be easy, we’ll begin to feel more free, more happy and more passionate about the life we want to live, and the steps we are taking to get there.

The last few days of the month, too, loosen up a bit, allowing us to take real action to re-adjust our lives and step into a new identity completely different from the person we have been. Just don’t go too crazy with this brief reprieve, and get lost in either great excitement — or great anger.

Serious Saturn is watching from the sidelines, ready to step in mid-April to fix any problems we have failed to address and give us a good dose of our own medicine, if we need it. Go slow, but steady. And don’t make any dumb moves.