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4 reasons why astrology is on the rise in China

A Chinese investment firm recently acquired a social media platform called Uncle Tongdao, which posts illustrations of sun sign horoscopes on WeChat.

Sixth Tone, a publication dedicated to highlighting unusual or uncommon stories about China, believes this latest buyout is part of a larger trend — a trend where astrology, tarot, and other mystical knowledge is on the rise in the Asian country.

The author cites four reason for this trend. First, the increasing accessibility of the internet, which makes it easier than ever before for people to write horoscopes and then distribute them to a mass audience, regardless of their accuracy.

The second — a cultural bias where astrology has become part of the culture as a talking point, whether or not it is actually true.

"The broader social acceptance of astrological jargon holds deeper significance because it creates an environment whereby rejecting such words is deemed 'antisocial,'" Sixth Tone wrote. "In this context, statements like 'Astrology isn’t scientific' or 'Astrology is a hoax' leave something else unsaid: namely, 'I want to end this conversation.' Speakers, therefore, are denying not only the principles and symbols of astrology, but also of social interaction itself."

The author also believes that many in the country use the mystical practice to justify unruly behavior because of it's difficult-to-define archetypes — and to buy things they don't need just for fun.

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