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Here is your weekly horoscope for Feb. 13-19

Here is your weekly horoscope for Feb. 13-19:

This week, there may be some frustration, not only with how you think about and view your life, but also with how you and others communicate about the new directions your life is heading in.

It may require you to either push through some difficult conversations not only with others, but also with yourself, or to instead wait for a more favorable time to pursue them.

Much of this frustration is because we are currently in between two eclipses — letting go of something that once made us happy, and learning to find new things that resonates with us. All of the information that we need to move forward is not with us yet.

However, this new information will not come easy. There may be some confusion about who we are inside, what we really want, and the person we need to become in order to move in this new direction. Let the uncertainty work in you, and do your best to learn something from this time of unease.

Things will begin to lighten around the beginning of April if you are diligent, and the reasons for what you are going through now will then become more apparent.