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Here is your forecast for the month of February 2017

Here is your horoscope for the month of February 2017:

This month is all about changing who you are, where your life is going, and how you and others see yourself. The main changes are going to be between who you are and what you want... and what is fair in your relationships (or what you deserve). This will lay the backdrop for the entire month.

However, I feel as though what you ultimately want for yourself will win out over what others want with so many planets in Aries. You want to focus on YOU and your life moving forward! This month provides you with lots of opportunities to really go for it and make progress on your own personal plans... which can be a good thing if you are ready.. but a difficult thing if you feel held back by others and then have to make the space to expand and move forward.

This month will allow you to review some of your relationships with people to negotiate something that is hopefully better for you and them. Though it may require you to leave a relationship or enter into a new one for something like that to truly work. Being fair and doing what's right... doesn't always mean compromising your true identity or desires away. Sometimes it means accepting you are in an unhealthy situation and leaving it, especially if you can't bring it on board.

This month, you may also be more willing to see these old things and situations in new or unique ways, and to desire your independence more than others. The lunar eclipse in Leo on Feb. 10 will help you to adjust or re-direct your life in a way that resonates more with your heart and what makes you truly happy. You will need to learn to come into a whole new way of relating to people, and of pursuing your passions (or of pursuing new ones).

Mid-month may be a good time for figuring out relationships. and communicating about them. Things may happen very fast as you work to get yourself on the journey you want. Unexpected things may also occur in your relationships and in your actions, with people making fast moves to get what they want.

But towards the end of the February you will be drawn inward to work out some of your own feelings and get right with yourself. The solar eclipse in Pisces on Feb. 26 is asking you to totally re-wire your inner workings. So that when you finally do finish making the changes you want (which won't really be until the end of April), you will be in a much better spot.