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December 2017 Monthly Horoscopes: Major commitments to something new

Here is your horoscope for the month of December 2017:

Make sure to read the horoscope for your sun sign, rising sign (ascendant or AS), and moon sign. Find out what yours are here. You will need the exact day, time, and place of your birth.


There is some new, different or exciting thing you are launching into. However, it could be very scary to do this new thing!

Perhaps you are unsure of whether or not you will like this new thing because you have never done it before. Or perhaps you are unsure of whether or not you really can break free from some things from the past holding you back in order to do it.

I think that you can and you will! However, you might not know entirely for sure... until you actually commit to doing this new thing first. So please... commit to doing it!

That will then open some new doors for you to become the person you really want to be, and to do something you also really enjoy.

It just may require you first to tie up any loose ends with people around town or with the things you are familiar with so you finally can step out in a big way to do something new.

Once you make that commitment, life will then become more about creating a career or reputation that really does resonate with you on the inside, even if you have to make some major changes to your life direction in order to get there.


Life is about to get really messy for you, Taurus! There will be lots of changes, lots of endings and beginning, and lots of financial investments. However, these things are not meant to make your life harder... but ultimately to make your life even better than what it is now!

I know that this bright future can be hard for you to envision, especially when it comes to your relationships — but if you can just have faith that everything will work out as it is supposed to and continue to move forward making some big changes you need to make, all will be well.

It may require you first, though, to get your financial situation in order and to accept that things are not quite as simple right now as they used to be! 

Doing that will then help you to feel more comfortable inside about what is going on, overcome some things from the past, and build a life that really is better for you.

After that, the focus for you will be on doing something new and more exciting for you that can bring some of the passion back into your life.


It's time to partner with people in a really big way, Gemini, to have them help you to do things that you cannot do alone.

However, it may require you to let go of some things that are important to you in order to do it. It may also require you to let go of a person that you thought you once were as well to make it happen.

Let those things go! Instead, make the commitment to new people and new relationships. You could be uncertain about whether or not these people really can help you to put your life in a right or a better direction. But don't let it worry you too much.

Committing to new people will then help you to reach some big goals and dreams of yours, to build a community that is important to you, and to communicate in a big way about some things that make you happy.

After that, the focus will then be on going even deeper with these people and these relationships to create something that is important to you. You may be asked to share finances with these relationships and get messy with them as you make some changes to put your life in a much better direction.


This month you will be making major decisions and commitments about some kind of new job, daily routines or everyday existence you will be living and building on for the next few years of your life.

Perhaps it is something you have been thinking about for a while, that is just now finally falling into place.

Do what you can at the beginning of the month to take care of your own personal, spiritual or emotional needs so that you can begin to commit to this new thing.

Once you do finally commit to it, it will be much easier for you to point your life in the right direction, bring in more money, or be more confident. However, it may be a little uncomfortable getting there.

Have faith that you are being called in this new direction, and things will smooth themselves out in time.

Big, new relationships chapters are coming in as a result of this new job or set of daily routines that will help you to create a better life for yourself moving forward.


How much does it take for a Leo to be happy? Not much, really — but it does feel like it has been hard lately.

Hopefully that will end, though, by the time we reach January. You are committing in December to doing something you enjoy and love doing in a really big way, no matter how much work it takes!

It, of course, could require you to finish making, or coming to terms with, some big changes going on in your life, and some big financial investments.

That could be uncomfortable. After all, how can you create something you enjoy if every few days some big crazy change comes along and upends your life??

I tell you it is possible if you keep pushing past the chaos. If you can do that and believe in a better life that is coming for you, big new doors will open to bring more adventure to your life doing something new that really is important to you.

After that, you will have to put it the work on the day-to-day to sustain this new happy thing you are committing to and make it last in the real world.


It looks to me like there was once some career of yours you wanted. Higher levels of status and social standing. A better reputation.. yadda yadda... the whole 9 yards!

Now, your priorities have changed. Now, home and family is important to you — and above all, doing something that resonates more truly with yourself deep down (whether or not that gives you the social standing you want).

You are committing to that this month. Like — really committing. Going all in on something that is important to you emotionally, and trying to build on that. I say go for it!

However, you may first have to come to terms with this career or life direction of yours that is ending... and make sure all your relationships are on the same page as you now that your priorities are changing.

Try to work with people to help them understand what is going on inside you, even if it hurts. Committing to this new home life or building on something that is important to you emotionally... will then help you to make the changes you need to make in order to create more of the life that you really want.. and to feel more at peace with yourself spiritually.

After that, life will become all about... finding ways to be happy and bring more joy back into your life doing this thing you have now emotionally committed to.


Libra, perhaps you have been thinking about or working on doing something new for quite some time. Well, now it is time to commit to making that new thing... familiar! And to talking and thinking about it in the right ways.

This could throw your job or daily routines into disarray, or bring up some confusion about what it is you do on the day to day, as you begin to move forward.

Do what you can to communicate anyways about what is important to you, even if it is uncomfortable. That will then help you to connect with the right people you need in your life and reach some big goals or dreams of yours you have been working towards.

Once you commit to communicating or thinking about your life in a way that is better for you — as well as building a community of people around you — the next few years will be all about making a new home for yourself, and completely changing the foundations on which your life is built to better accommodate these new chapters.


Perhaps life has been chaotic lately! Lots of changes, and lots of money going out instead of coming in.

Well.. no more! Time to bring the bucks back in, and to live a life that is much more comfortable and stable.

However, as you are doing this, you could be a little confused about what it is that will make you happy! Perhaps you are worried this thing you are committing to will not make you happy, or that the act of committing to it is itself unsettling. 

Well, I tell you not to worry. Make the decision to feel much more stable and secure in life using all it is you have to offer, and the happiness will come! The decision will also help you to have a better job or set of daily routines and to point your life in the right direction.

After that, the focus becomes more about communicating about the things that have happened to you recently and building a community based on these things you have committed to. 


All eyes on you, Sag. Are you going to finally commit to doing something it is you know you want and need to do? Or are you going to give all your desires up to placate other people?

Hopefully you choose the former and not the latter. It is time to commit to yourself in a really, really big way.

But that doesn't mean to neglect your relationships entirely. It just means to try the best you can to either bring them along with you, or end or change them as the situation demands.

That could, of course, be a little confusing or unsettling in the process. Re-arranging your relationships to work better for you could be scary and could bring some major instability into your life, especially at home.

However, it may be necessary to face some of this instability or fear in order to get to where you want to be. Committing to yourself, even if it is hard, will then allow you to focus more on doing some things it is that you enjoy and doing something new and exciting I know you want to do!

After that, the focus then changes to building more stability into your life, bringing more income in to your wallet, and using all of your gifts and talents to create a life that really does resonate with you.


Capricorn, perhaps there was a life you were living not too long ago! Some kind of job, daily routines, or external existence. Well, now that is all ending or being left behind in favor of something that resonates more truly with you on the inside.

This could be hard to communicate about with other people. After all, it is not always easy to talk about the longings of the spirit and the soul! And it is not always easy to understand those things yourself, either.

But you must try to be open about these new things you desire as you search for something that resonates with you more truly on the inside. Doing that will then help you to build something that is important to you, feel more comfortable emotionally, and make some major changes to create a life that is better for you.

You must first commit, though, to getting right with yourself spiritually. And to also perhaps retrieving some things from the past and taking them into new chapters.

If you can do that, your task for the next few years is then going to be building a new identity on top of this new thing that you have decided is more right for you  — and really using it to take you to... much bigger and better heights!

(See what I did there? My astrology channel Wonder Girl is also a Capricorn rising.)


Aquarius, it's time to step into some big new visions for the future, and to totally re-conceptualize who you thought you were and where you see your life going.

But first, you may have to either end something you enjoy or complete something that once made you happy in order for you to make this commitment to your future in some really big way.

It's not that you can't be happy. It's just that new and better frontiers are calling your name, which may take some time reach. But please do not worry too much. If anyone is willing to put in the effort to accomplish some big goal or dream... it is you!

However, it could be a little confusing or uncomfortable as you move forward on this new vision of yours. That's because you could be worried this new dream won't bring the money to you that you need, or that you don't have the skills to accommodate it either.

Try to understand better how you can do both of those things together  — have both the dream and the means to achieve it! But don't stop moving forward in a new direction you feel called to go in because of this struggle.

Committing to some new goals or ambitions of yours will ultimately make it easier for you to communicate about some things going on with you and to have the relationships that you need to do some things that are important to you.

After that, it's all about re-adjusting your identity so you can move forward on these new goals, overcoming some things from the past that are weighing you down, and doing everything you can to be okay with this new direction your life is going in.


Your life looks like it is going in some entirely new direction! Perhaps one that you were not quite planning on. This month, you will have to commit to that new direction, career or reputation.

Before you commit to that, though, you may have to tie up some loose ends at home, and make sure everything is being taken care of within you emotionally. Doing that will then help you to move forward on some big things in life with a much clearer conscience.

However, there could be some uncertainty about your identity as you step into this new life direction. Perhaps your identity also has to change to accommodate this new thing you are doing.

Do what needs to be done! Just don't stop yourself from committing to this career you have been called to. Doing that will then help you to bring in the money that you need and organize your life better on the day-to-day, or have job or set of daily routines that really can help you.

After that, the focus will shift from your career to your long term goals for the future and the big picture vision of your life. In the next few years, you will have to re-imagine your life and where you thought it was going as you let some of these new chapters in you are deciding on right now, as we speak.