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What does it mean? The Economist’s ‘World in 2017’ tarot cover

The Economist recently released the magazine cover for it’s annual 2017 year in review issue.

The company releases a year in review special edition every December which discusses recent world events, predicts what’s in store during the upcoming year, and explores the big issues that are facing our society.

Last year’s cover featured images of many world leaders and prominent figures huddled together. But this year’s cover displays something quite different — the tarot, often used as a tool for prediction — prominently.

This year’s edition discusses the recent American election, elections in both France and Germany,  and Brexit, as well as a number of other international anniversaries and events, according to their website. The tarot cards on the cover have been re-drawn to incorporate some of these world events into their imagery.

Their decision of which cards to include on the cover and which not to appears deliberate, and not the result of an actual reading done by The Economist’s editorial board. Some astrologers and tarot readers have noted that it’s a little unusual for a tarot reading to feature no reversed cards, like on the cover of the recent magazine, though it is possible —and no cards from the minor arcana.

It is also up for debate as to whether The Economist was trying to predict the future or simply reflect events in the past and present. They could have also chosen cards that deliberately demonstrate themes they believe will occur during the upcoming year.

Read more about the cover on The Economist here.