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Were the three wise men actually astrologers?

A big part of me was very afraid to start this blog. I love astrology, but I also love God, Christianity, Jesus and the church I am a part of. I did not want to do anything that would alienate me from a community and system of beliefs I so much love, adore and have fought for.

From my experience in and out of many Christian communities (and from a simple Google search online), it is clear to me that many Christian thinkers believe astrology is contrary to the Bible and God’s word.

I, however, don’t think that has to be the case, and that both can work very harmoniously together. If God created humans and the earth, he could have also created the planets and the solar system, right? And put the movement in the stars? And given them meanings?

That’s why I am always very pleasantly surprised when I find stories online that also seem to logically support this point of view.

In a recent article published on U.S. News and written by David A. Weintraub, a professor of astronomy at Vanderbilt University, he explains who he believes the wise men were, and what it was that lead them to the discovery of the birth of Christ.

By his estimation, the wise men were astrologers who had been awaiting the presence of a person of “royal birth” for years so that they could find him, and honor him as the messiah. The signs they saw in the skies were not astronomical truths that could have lead to such a discovery or journey — or miracles that cannot be explained. Instead, they were astrological signs and symbols that were very familiar to the people of the time.

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