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The Tiger is another name for Pluto

I’ve been doing a lot of meditating on Pluto lately, as it is one of the strongest, most powerful planets in anyone’s chart (despite what the astronomers say).

Pluto rules power. The power we have as an individual. And the power we give away. Also, our relationship to power.

Pluto also rules our soul. The things we are deeply and desperately, wildly good at it…. but still have yet to learn to control. I thought this passage from a book I’ve been reading lately about Pluto was exceptionally beautiful.

Here’s the excerpt below, taken from Isabel M. Hickey’s book, “Astrology: A Cosmic Science.” The words she quotes at the beginning are from “Duchess of Wrexe” by Hugh Walpole.

“My Tiger is what every man has within him. I don’t mean a nasty habit or a degrading passion of anything of necessity vicious. My theory is that every man is given at onset of a life a Beast in the finest noblest sense with whom through Life he has got to settle. It may be an ambition, or a passion, or a temptation or a vice, what you will, but with that Beast he has got to live. Now, it’s according to his dealings with the Beast whether the man is great or not.
“If he faces the Beast — and the Beast is generally something that a man knows about himself that nobody else knows — the Beast can be used, magnificently used. If he is afraid, pretends the Tiger isn’t there, builds up walls, hides in cities, does what you will, then he must be prepared for a life of incessant alarm, and he may be sure that at some moment, or another the Tiger will spring — then there’ll be crisis.”
The Tiger is another name for Pluto.

My Pluto is in the 4th house of home, family and building stable, solid foundations.