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Here is your weekly horoscope for Jan. 16-22

Here’s your horoscope for the week of Monday, Jan. 16 through Sunday, Jan. 22:

This week, you’re starting to get clarity on the changes that have come to your life recently and put a new plan in place moving forward — but you may be feeling stuck. It’s like nothing you do right now works. Or feels right. Or gets you to where you want to go. Even if your reasoning is rock solid. In truth, it’s not meant to…

Mars in Pisces, especially when it is conjunct Chiron, presents problems progressing or moving forward — and calls you inward to focus more on your dreams, your inspiration and your spiritual well-being. Use this time to meditate, pray, sleep, heal or simply spend some time alone. After all, that’s what Pisces, the most spiritual sign of the zodiac, is known for! When Mars moves into Aries at the end of next week, you will have your chance to act. Wait for it.

Though no matter how much I tell you that, you probably won’t want to. There is much desire this week to move forward — and to have your relationships help you on your journey. Fortunately, they want to! Many new opportunities can come to you through other people this week. But — you must make sure you are ready for them. If not, chaos can ensue as you move to make space for new people and interesting opportunities that perhaps you weren’t planning on.

Get ready for entirely new relationship chapters. Change is possible — although it may not be easy… at least not next week, when frustrations in relationships will be high. While there is much you can do with others right now to help you move forward, know that next week these moves may open some very old and very raw wounds.

Move forward with others anyways. Just make sure that whatever you do this week is divinely inspired so that when the fallout comes — and it will when Venus conjuncts Chiron next week and then enters Aries — your conscience will be crystal clear.