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Don't look back: 3 things to know about this month's full moon in Gemini

The Full Moon in Gemini on December 13 is not any ordinary full moon. It is one filled with many surprises, many opportunities, and many moments that can bring true healing.

But, before we can understand what parts of our life need healing and releasing at this time, it's important to take a look back at the past.

The New Moon in Sagittarius earlier this month brought new beginnings, but not just the same kind of beginnings that happen every new moon. Major new beginnings. This is because of all the planets that have been in Scorpio for the past three years since 2012, including the task-master Saturn and some since then, are now all out of Scorpio.

Saturn left Scorpio a year ago, in October 2015, and entered Sagittarius. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars have all also traveled through Scorpio and then out of it during the past few months. The new moon at the beginning of December in Sagittarius re-enforced the new beginnings that this major change has created.

(Of course, there was a new moon in Sagittarius last December too, right after Saturn had left Scorpio. But Mercury and Venus were still in Scorpio at that time — and Mars soon to follow — not letting us not fully embrace this new beginning.

However, this year, things are different, as all of those planets have left Scorpio not to return for at least another year. And when some planets do return, Jupiter will then be there to ease the blow.)

Saturn in Scorpio was all about getting in touch with who you really are and what you really want, digging up the deepest secrets of your soul and sitting in your darkest night, to give birth to a more beautiful and more authentic life.

It was all about figuring out what you truly, deep down, really want — not what you think you want, or what you think other people want you to want... but what YOU without a doubt want at the core of your being. And then accepting that for what it really is, even if it seems unappealing or uncomfortable at first glance.

For me, it was coming to accept that I am Mormon, don't care much for bars or clubs, hate alcohol, and don't like small talk or casual get togethers. To say or feel each of these things was unheard of among my friend groups at the time. They loved bars and parties and going out with big groups where there was lots of alcohol. To not like that, was unusual and weird and anti-social.

Saturn in Scorpio (in my 5th house of pleasure and happiness) made me realize that was not for me, that those things did not make me happy. However, that may not have been everyone's experience.

For some people, it could have been that they realized a certain city, location or job was not for them, and they then made changes to relocate or work towards another career. For others, it could have been that a certain marriage or relationships was not for them, and they then made changes to align themselves with better relationships. For others, it could have been that a certain diet, spiritual or daily routine wasn't working — and that they then needed to change the way they relate to their body or to their inner self.

Scorpio forces us to be unapologetically ourselves, or to suffer if we are not. If forces us to truly understand and express who we really are, or to forever ignore or hide it until we get another chance to correct it. Sagittarius, however, is a much happier place — that deals more with the heights of our potential rather than the depths of our being.

Sagittarius no longer asks us to go deep about what we really want... but to take the things we learned in Scorpio about what we really want, and to apply them!

Sagittarius says, "Okay. In Scorpio you learned that... you wanted to be a member of the Mormon Church (or whatever else it is you came to realize). Now, you must learn whether or not you can actually live, practice, love and believe what it is you thought you wanted."

It's the sign of "faith lived." At the end of Scorpio, you had faith that a certain path was for you. Now, you have to test it. But this isn't the sit down in grade-school kind of test with the teacher, it's the scientist in the lab kind of test.

"What happens if we combine chemical X with chemical Y?" a scientist says. Sometimes nothing, sometimes a horrible explosion, and sometimes a really beautiful reaction. Then, based on that result, you make changes to your next experiment (about the same hypothesis) to make the results even better, or more in line what what you were hoping to discover.

This is us for the next 2 years — until Saturn enters Capricorn in January of 2018, when it's time to restrict our experimentation and begin to build firm foundations based on what we discover now.

We are now launching out on a new journey out of that deep understanding of who we are and the changes we have made to accommodate the story that has played out over the last three years. But first, we must appreciate and let go of the old journey that has gotten us to where we are now.

That, is the full moon on December 13 in Gemini.

Here is what we can learn from this month's full moon:

1. It's time to appreciate the journey we started years ago, and then let it go.

Gemini represents the journey close to home, or the familiar journey. Perhaps the journey that once was foreign, but is now familiar. The journey in this case would have started at the very end of 2012 and into 2013.

Sagittarius is the new journey, the unfamiliar journey, the journey far from home that you must travel to get to. It requires us to let go of everything we thought we knew, or were once comfortable with, and move into new lands, territories and ways of relating that can bring more wisdom and insight into our lives.

When the Moon is full, which means the Sun and Moon are exactly opposite each other, we are forced to let go of one thing, and embrace another, causing deep feelings of anxiety or joy on full moons. In this case, we are letting go of what is familiar, and embracing what is un-familiar.

Think back to whatever you started or was feeling in October 2012. By now, you should be in a very different place. It's time to let go of the feelings or patterns of behavior you had at that time, and allow yourself to come into new ones.

This may not be easy, though, with Mars and Venus about to pass over the south node and Neptune in the next month or two. However, these alignments will not be so much about pulling you back into the past and old issues (although they can definitely do that — so be mindful!), but about bringing some things back from your past that you can then bring forward with you on this new journey.

It's good to remember that Gemini also rules facts, data, your thoughts and the way you communicate about familiar matters. Sagittarius also rules travel, higher education, religion, and the things you learn about matters far away.

This full moon isn't just about embracing the new, but also about embracing a new way of thinking about the new.. and opening your mind up to new possibilities.

2. But letting the past go isn't enough. We also need to learn how to think and act in new ways.

It's one thing to appreciate the past for what it is, and to let it go. But you must also learn to create a new, more authentic identity in the process. It doesn't do any good to let go of something if there is nothing new for you to then grab on to.

And, fortunately, this month — there is plenty new to hold on to.

There are lots of opportunities to act on what you really want and what is authentic to you — if you take them.

First, we've got the Sun conjunct Saturn (though the orbs are a little wide for the conjunction) forming a trine to Uranus. This is you wanting to act on your identity and commit to a life that is more authentic to who you are than ever before. Could also be major, and unexpected, actions or decisions coming from you or the people in your life about how they want to move forward on this new journey.

On top of this, the sun conjunct Saturn is in a sextile with Jupiter in Libra. This is major opportunities coming to you in your relationships — to commit to a new relationship that is best for all parties involved, or to adjust your current relationships to be more beneficial for both people. However, in order to make room for these new opportunities, you may have to adjust your relationships and current ways of communicating with others to be more inclusive of the new changes coming your way. This can either be very joyful, or cause some major upsets as people re-negotiate their commitments with you.

While this is happening, we are still experiencing a t-square — an opposition between Jupiter and Uranus, with Pluto (almost conjunct Mercury) in Capricorn at the center. We're trying to balance our unique identity with the people that are around us. But before we can move forward — we first need to make some major cuts! Who will help us find that unique identity we crave to express — and who will hold us back? Now, we're figuring that out, and being bold when it comes to making those decisions.

Looks like whatever we end too, will have something new waiting for us... but that the new things coming our way, can also cause us to end things that we didn't think we were ready to end yet. The message here, especially with so much Aquarius in the chart, is to do things the new and different way.

3. This in turn, can help to heal some deep-seated wounds as you move forward.

Chiron squaring the full moon will bring any wounds or issues around old ways of thinking that are not for you into focus. It could inflame old issues before you learn to let go of them, or provide a real chance for you to act on your old wounds long enough to overcome them. It could also be a time for you to help others overcome their issues too. Just make sure to not fall into old patterns of behavior based on fear.

6 chiron.png

With the sun (loosely conjunct Saturn) in a sextile with mars. There are plenty of new chances to act in ways differently than you originally thought were possible and to commit to this new way of acting. But make sure not to get stuck in old habits, patterns and ways of acting. This energy is meant to help you break free from any ruts or patterns of acting and thinking that no longer serves you.

Pluto (conjunct Mercury) and in a sextile with Neptune, can also bring new insights to you about your dreams for the future, and things very close to your heart. In order to make room for these new insights and dreams, though, you may have to break down some illusions about what you thought you really wanted, but actually don't. If your thinking and reasoning about the future is solid, this will not be an issue.

The loose grand air trine with the moon, Mars and Jupiter is also encouraging you to act on your feelings, perhaps having to do with the past, and to bring them into balance with the people in your life others. This should be a dream for those who are air signs or have many planets in air (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius), allowing you to explore new ideas and opportunities. It may be very hard for earth signs (Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn) who are not willing to go with the flow as unexpected events happen and/or reveal their true feelings. Water signs (Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces) won't have as hard a time of it as the earth signs, but it will take some effort on the individual's part to see the positive.

Overall, the message of this full moon is to not only let go of the past as you learn to reach (and grasp) the future, but to also learn to let go of old relationships (or ways of relating) as you move forward toward a more authentic you.

The key to doing this, though, is to open yourself up to new feelings and new people (or seeing the same people in different ways), and to be flexible. The mystic rectangle present in the chart indicates that many opportunities are there to find balance between the two extremes, but you must be willing to take the risk and then accept whatever it is that comes your way as a result — for better or for worse.