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5 things to know if you want to find success in 2017

Every once in a while, I make New Year’s resolutions. They never work half the time.

Why? Because a lot of the goals I end up setting I feel go against God’s plans for my life.

I want one thing… to lose weight, eat better, make new friends, travel, etc. Heavenly Father wants another.

That’s why I like astrology. It helps unite my mind with the mind of God and what He’s trying to do in my life.

When reading or praying, sometimes it is easy for me to get confused. Did God really make this promise to me, or tell me this — or did I just project it onto Him, I ask?

Astrology makes it harder for me to escape God’s answers or to distort them, and helps me catch some of the details I would have missed otherwise. This, of course, is not because God couldn’t make these details known to me in other ways, but because sometimes, we as humans — and especially me — are very hard of hearing.

Astrology helps me remove that barrier, by showing me the deeper meanings of my conversations with God, and having me interact with things — such as the planets and the signs, charts, and technology — that make the experience all the more rewarding.

Not only is God putting the effort in to communicate with me, but I can actually listen, act, and… understand.

As a result, I’ve taken a look at the astrology for the upcoming year, to help me see 2017 through the eyes of God’s — and not my own — and to help me create new resolutions for this year that can actually stand the test of time.

Here are 5 general trends for 2017 that can help you make the most of this year:

1. This is the time to create the life you really want. Embrace it and go for it.

I’ve mentioned this many time before, but the past few months in our lives have been very significant. This is because the new moon in Sagittarius at the end of November, occurred in what some astrologers call “at the bendings,” or the point directly in between the south and north nodes of the moon.

Astrologically speaking, the nodes of the moon represent our direction in this life. The south node represents our past direction — the things we have already mastered, or need to move away from. And the north node represents our future direction — the things we need to master, and have not already, or need to move toward.

When the sun and the moon meet at the same spot in the sky, directly in between these two points, it means that we are located literally in between the past and the future — and have the power that we need to steer or change our lives in any direction that we so choose.

Of course, there is a catch. We cannot steer our life in the direction that we would like until we first know what that direction is. With Neptune hanging around the south node (and many more planets to follow in January), figuring that out may be difficult — but is of utmost importance, because this knowledge will ultimately determine whether or not we move forward into our destiny, or fall back into old patterns.

Hopefully, most of the hard work figuring out what you want or need to do now was done in the past 4 years when Saturn was in Scorpio. That will help you now.

That is because Saturn, which moved into Sagittarius in September 2015, is no longer concerned with what it is that you actually want. Saturn in Sagittarius believes you should have already figured that out, and are now willing to explore, play, and experiment with the things it is that you already decided you wanted.

If you haven’t already done this, or are facing fears or regrets about where your life is going (which you may very well be with Neptune over the south node), now would be a good time to get in touch with who you really are and what you really want, and get back on track.

Even though Saturn in Sagittarius does not necessarily want to go back to the past to pick up something you forgot, it does want you to test and refine your plans or dreams for the future to make sure that they are rock solid.

For that reason, self reflection, experimentation, and taking risks are all favored at this time.

2. But do not expect everything to happen overnight.

The strength of Saturn in Sagittarius is that it really inspires us to focus on a dream, journey, or adventure that we decided we want to go on. It gives us passion and determination to follow an idea to the end to see whether or not it really can work for us.

The weakness of Saturn in Sagittarius, however, is that it gets so caught up with ideas and exploration and research and wisdom, that sometimes it neglects to build the foundations that are necessary to move forward.

That’s because Saturn in Sagittarius is not concerned about building structures and following protocol. It is concerned about being passionate, finding true understanding of what it is that we thought we wanted, and knowing who we are and where we are going inside and out.

Of course, the irony of the situation is that, by truly understanding something at its core — who we are, what we want, why we’re here, how it works — we actually are building foundations, but it just doesn’t always look or feel like it outwardly.

Keep that in mind this year.

This year is a year for research and development. Research about a business idea you’ve been wanting to pursue. Research about a relationship you thought was for you. Research about a big move across country you’ve been trying to make.

But not the kind of research that happens behind a computer screen. The kind of research that comes from being out in the field, from actually doing what it is that you thought you wanted, testing it, creating new versions of a product. And by doing, you will then learn what adjustments need to be made.

This year is a year to begin researching new projects you want to pursue, or to revise old ones that need fixing in order to meet the demands of your future. And to start putting them into development. But keep in mind that it is not the final stage of development, but only the beginning of a series of developments on the way to a better product.

It won’t be until December of 2017, what Saturn enters Capricorn, that the true building on top of the refined product will actually begin. Until then, you are laying the very important groundwork, to make sure that whatever you build upon in Capricorn in 2018 and whatever you devote your time and energy to then will succeed without fail. If you do not do the necessary research now and take the appropriate action to move forward on that research, problems with your foundations could arise in Capricorn — though not all problems that arise at that time will be of your own doing.

However, keep in mind that you can, in fact, build this year — but that the building will become more important the following year. Now is the time for refining your plans, and understanding them better through action.

3. In the process, do not hide. You must be brave enough to show your true heart.

As this is happening, the north node of the moon moves into Leo in May. This is all about showing people who you are and what you love.

This can be difficult because what we are experiencing is so new to us… and untested… and uncertain. We may not want to show our true selves to others, for fear our project or relationship might fail, or that we might get made fun of, or that we will no longer be accepted or respected. But try to fight the urge to blow out the candle in your heart (if you will let me wax poetic for a few paragraphs.. very Leo).

To hide your heart, especially if you mean well, and are putting in the hard work to test your hunches, is to lose the gift of this year. The gift of vulnerability, the gift of being present in uncertainty. The gift of truly being able to shine brightly, and to connect deeply and meaningfully with other people. The gift of being able to bring other people on board who resonate with your heart’s true desires.

This year is a year for being present and for showing love — love to other people, love to yourself, and love for your personal projects.

Last year, when the north node was in Virgo, life was all about aligning your mind, body and spirit with your highest values. It was about trying to walk the talk you’ve been talking about for years. This year, though, is about showing to other people what those values are. In order to do that, you must be brave, bold, and passionate, especially so you can bring other people on board with you. Do not hide behind pride, and do not escape into other ways of functioning. Be heart. All heart.

Because if you can connect with the hearts of others, you can then find the freedom to become the person you truly want to be. (Cue a reading of “The Velveteen Rabbit.”)

Just know that this process of connecting with the hearts of others, won’t truly be complete until the following year… February of 2018 when we have a solar eclipse in Aquarius… but will be worth every minute of it.

The solar eclipses in Leo of this year, will help to adjust your life so that you have an opportunity to show yourself to other people, and eventually come to a point in which you can feel more free to explore, express and build upon your unique identity. But first, you need to win people over.

4. Know that you need people to help you along on this journey, but be careful which ones you choose.

With Jupiter in Libra for most of this year, 2017 will be all about relationships. But not any kind of relationships — the right ones! Libra is the sign of the scales. It’s all about balance — but not balance because the things placed on each side of the scale weigh equally. Balance because the things placed on each side of the scale know their true worth, and have matched themselves accordingly.

To use a biblical phrase, this year is not the year to be “unequally yoked.” (Although it’s not the year to be spiteful about it, either.) As you move forward, it’s important to think about the people that you would like to surround you on your journey — the people who understand you, where you came from, where you are going, and what your vision is.

Do not let those who do not understand your journey, who you are and what you want bring you down. Do not let people who want to snuff the fire in your heart get close enough to do so. You must choose the right people you want with you on your journey (and then you must give yourself to them wholeheartedly).

Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries for most of the year will help to make sure that this does not happen. There may be many choices and readjustments you have to make this year about who you are, what you want, and the kind of people you need by you on your side. Do not be afraid to get rid of the people in your life that no longer serve you, if you truly feel it in your heart — and the converse, do not be afraid to bring new people into your life that you know deep down in your heart you need — no matter how scary it may be.

5. Stop seeing the past and future as separate. Bring the broken parts of your life together.

Finally, the moment I will be anticipating all year… when Jupiter moves into Scorpio this October. Saturn came over this spot for the first time at the end of 2012, bringing with it many deep, spiritual inclinations, hauntings from your subconscious, and troubling secrets about your life and identity you didn’t want to face (but needed to).

Jupiter, the planet of gifts, blessings, luck, wisdom, and higher knowledge, will now come over this spot to smooth our all the hard feelings and bring some of the dark secrets now into the light! Life will no longer be so heavy. To the contrary, those things that were once heavy, will now become light. You will now understand them better, and be able to integrate them better into your life — it just only had to take 5 years to actually do it.

For those who experienced their Saturn return in 2012 (or are in between the ages of 30 and 33), this will also be a very good time for you if you put in the work when Saturn was in Scorpio. It will be a time for you to expand you life, based on your true desires — but you must do it in a vary calculated, disciplined and methodical manner. If you can put the right structures in place, and master them, this October will be a very good time for those in their early 30s.

In addition to Jupiter helping us bring all these hidden feelings from our subconscious into the open, and healing some of the wounds, we will also have an unusual amount of planets — especially slow moving planets — in retrograde motion shortly before this time. Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Chiron, and Mercury will all appear to be moving backwards in the sky in August.

This is very rare and will very much so be a time of bringing things from your past back and into the future. Perhaps there was something about ourselves and who we were we left in another time and place, but that we now actually decide we need. Old dreams, old ideas, old personality traits, old people.

This will be a time of realizing… that maybe who you were wasn’t so bad or so wrong after all! And that the old you actually knew the “future you” better than you thought… and sent you gifts, planted seeds, and wrote you love letters along the way that you are now finally open to receiving.

It could also be a time of realizing the opposite, too. That perhaps you don’t need what you thought you did … or have been going about things entirely wrong, and need to do things differently from here on out, so that you can finally — once and for all — move on after you have faced the demons.