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5 things to know about Donald Trump, based on his birth chart

Donald Trump will be inaugurated on Jan. 20 as the 45th president of the United States.

His ceremony, which will be held on Friday at 11:30 a.m. in Washington, D.C., has been the subject of much debate and speculation in recent weeks, with many people backing out of the ceremony last minute, protesting it, or refusing to perform at it.

Moby, Celine Dion, Elton John, and Garth Brooks are among a few of the celebrities that were rumored to perform at the inauguration but have since then denied the invitation. Actress Meryl Streep also gave an impassioned plea against Trump earlier this month at the Golden Globes.

But the chaos didn’t start there. Even the election was controversial, with much information coming out in favor of or against the Republican presidential candidate. During his campaign this past year, he has caught flack for many of his comments concerning Latinos, Muslims, and women, among others. However, many of his supporters appreciate him for his business experience, hardline policies, and “say it like it is” attitude.

Of course, Hillary Clinton was the subject of much controversy too. The election was riddled with scandal about her health, her use of a private email server while being secretary of state, her million dollar speeches to Goldman Sachs, and the leaked DNC emails pulling for Clinton to win — though many appreciate her devotion to reproductive rights, her support for the advancement of women, and her compassionate policies on issues such as race, immigration, and childcare.

And this next week astrologically also looks set to cause some frustration and intensity between the president-elect and the people he associates with regularly, with a semi-square between the Sun in Aquarius (which rules the general public) and Venus in Pisces (which rules relationships and compassion) taking effect at the very end of this week. Venus will also be conjunct Chiron, making many of the events of this upcoming week, especially surrounding relationships, very raw.

As a result, I’ve decided to take a look at Trump’s natal chart to shed some more light on who he is as a person and what he was sent to the world to accomplish — for better or for worse.

I have recorded his birth day and timeas June 14, 1946 at 10:54 a.m. in Jamaica, New York. This information has an AA Rodden Rating for accuracy, the highest rating it can get, according to

Here are 5 things to know about Trump, based on his astrological chart:

1. He was born to shake things up and bring them to completion (so that something else can then begin).

Trump was born on a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. This is not entirely common, as lunar eclipses only happen twice a year.

A lunar eclipse is essentially a super charged full moon, when the sun and moon oppose each other in the sky. In order for a full moon to become an eclipse, it must meet, or conjoin, the moon’s nodes. The moon’s nodes are not real planets or astronomical objects. They are an imaginary line where the moon crosses the ecliptic, or the sun’s path around the zodiac.

Full moons, which typically happen about once a month, are challenging because it is a time where our identity has separated from our emotions. Internally, we want one thing, but feel another — and are therefore left alone as an individual to navigate the complexity, or disassociation of our personality, on our own.

At the full moon, we have to learn to fully integrate our feelings (which we have outgrown) into our identity so that we can then move forward on the next stage or phase of life, using what we have learned to move forward in new ways. Lunar eclipses in particular (which are heightened experiences of the full moon) force major life changes, beginnings, endings and crisis points as a way to resolve this intensity, so that we can once again begin anew.

Instead of experiencing this kind of energy twice a year — sometimes I like to hide at home alone in my room on full moons, which happen more often — Trump experiences it every day of his life. It brings intensity to his personality and makes him the kind of person that likes to shake things up and make big changes in life — to bring a certain identity or way of living to completion so that he can then begin the next cycle.

I suppose that’s why it’s been said he likes the “art of the deal.” But it’s not really about what the deal is in particular that Trump likes. It’s the act of completing something after a struggle that he likes — so that he can once again return to that same climax of energy he was originally born with and feels most comfortable in. The same climax and complexity he is naturally accustomed to (but that it takes everyone else some time to get used to).

2. He was meant to think and act differently than everybody else, to see what no one else sees.

As you can see in the graph below, Uranus is within 3-5 degrees of his sun (and the eclipse) therefore exerting a big influence over his entire chart. This makes the way he acts very unexpected, a little erratic, rebellious, and aspirational. It also makes him very revolutionary, goal-oriented, and concerned about the affairs of people.

After all, Uranus is the planet of revolution and rebellion! It likes to have its freedom. It likes to do things differently. As a matter of fact, it’s the only planet that rotates sideways on its axis.

On top of that, Trump’s natal sun is at 22 degrees Gemini in the 3rd decan, or in between 20-30 degrees of that sign, which is ruled by Uranus.

This makes the way he thinks very unusual and different from the way everyone else thinks. He likes to explore radical new ideas — if only because they are interesting! Gemini isn’t so much concerned with the actual workings of the idea in reality; Gemini, especially the 3rd decan Gemini, is mostly just concerned with the novelty of it!

As a matter of fact, these kind of people love discussing anything and everything — from almost any and all angles — and it doesn’t bother them one bit either if they all happen to contradict.

I suppose I would know[🙂]  Being born one day before Trump — and lots of years after — I also have my sun at this degree in Gemini in the 3rd decan. I have lots of conflicting interests, and love very much to explore ideas. I simply could not have life any other way!

3. His biggest vulnerability is not feeling confident enough, or not having material possessions.

Chiron in anyone’s chart represents our deepest wounds in this life, the place in our lives where we desperately want to progress, but feel as though we can’t. It leads to negative and unusual experiences in life surrounding the sign and house it is in.

Sometimes we create the hardships that come with Chiron, but most of the time, they happen to us — and we must learn to cope. Because of this hardship, we then become extremely sensitive and knowledgeable in this area, dedicating our lives to helping other people never experience the same heart-wrenching experiences we have had as a result of Chiron.

Trump’s Chiron is in the second house of money, gifts and talents, confidence, and personal property or possessions. It is in Libra. That means he could have had major heart-breaking experiences, or a basic general fear of, not having enough money to support himself, not being appreciated for who he is, or simply not having the basics in life to feel comfortable. This could very much so have to do with other people helping him, or holding him back.

Jupiter close to Chiron can either expand this feeling of concern, worry and inferiority so he feels as if he is drowning in it, or completely smooth it over so that he is able to get good luck from it. Because Jupiter almost always manifests positively, unless perhaps combined with Pluto and maybe Saturn, it is more likely the latter option.

The trine it makes to the north node and the sextile it makes to the south node also indicate that the effects of Chiron, even if they are bad, will ultimately help him in the end.

People with Jupiter-Chiron conjunctions seem to have some way of making even the worst of situations… turn out the best for themselves! They are always able to find some nugget of wisdom or some good luck that can then enable themselves to overcome even the worst fears or hardships. Not a bad placement to have if you’ve got this guy on your side…

This can be a good thing, because it allows a person to act without fear of failure, and have a generally positive experience in life. It can also be a bad thing, because it then prevents the person from learning about the deepest, darkest, most wounded, and most vulnerable parts of themselves and others. They simply don’t understand what it is like to truly struggle because they have never had to really experience it without a safety net.

4. His biggest internal battle (and power) is in learning how to share his heart with others, and express some of his deepest, most sincere and sweetest emotions.

As I wrote in earlier posts here and here, Pluto is one of the most positive — and the most negative — planets in anyone’s chart. It represents true soul power. The power an individual has to manifest things in his or her life. But because we are so powerful at it, we oftentimes misuse the power, at least until much later in life, when we learn how to handle it properly.

Trump has Pluto in the 12th house of spirituality, solitude, and the subconscious. This would indicate to me great power in getting underneath the surface of things and in understanding the way people work. Also, great mental or spiritual power to gain control over his mind and emotions. It could also indicate much compassion towards others and a life of service.

Those are the positive manifestations of Pluto in the 12th. The negative manifestations of Pluto in the 12th (because Pluto always has a strong polar opposite) are a complete disregard for other people, being totally unaware of the subconscious, not understanding himself or others spiritually or emotionally, and depression. Having your inner world completely fall apart.

Because his 12th is in Leo, it can also indicate either great power (or great problems) connecting with his heart or the hearts of other people, especially in a way that is big, bold, sincere and caring.

His Pluto does make sextiles to Chiron and Jupiter, however — indicating that his struggles here aren’t all bad for him personally, and can actually help him to make sense of some of the less than favorable things that happen to him.

His Pluto also makes a semi-square to the Sun. This is a more negative aspect (semi-squares almost always manifest negatively) indicating that his need to focus on the spiritual and compassionate side of life, to really get it right, distracts him from being the mercurial and innovative person he really wants to be — which being born on a lunar eclipse, with the Sun conjunct Uranus, can be unbelievably frustrating to him.

5. He is very serious about relationships and attracting things to him that are beautiful or comfortable.

Trump also has Venus conjunct Saturn in his birth chart. This happens about once every year, maybe more on occasion. That is because Saturn moves extremely slow, taking about 2.5 years to move through one sign in its entirety. Venus, on the other hand, takes only 225 days to circle the Sun, or all 12 signs of the zodiac.

Saturn rules the areas of our lives we need to focus on, pay attention to and learn lessons in. It also rules authority figures, or the authority we have as a person. If we don’t learn the lessons, it can cause that part of our life to fall apart. If we do learn the lessons, it can add extra stability and longevity to them.

Venus rules love and relationships, the things that we value. It also rules art and diplomacy, that easy feeling you get in life and relationships with others when things just feel right. It also represents beauty.

When these two planets are conjunct, or at the same spot in the sky, they work together. That means, Trump needs to put much focus on his relationships in order to get them right. If he does this, he can actually be very good at creating stability with others. If he doesn’t do this, his relationships can fall apart.

This aspect can also be used to attract power and authority or people with power and authority. In that case, it would work similarly. Either he is really good at doing that, or has issues with it that he needs to correct.

In Trump’s case, these two planets are in Cancer in the 11th house. Cancer is the sign of home, security and your life’s foundations. The 11th house is the domain of large organizations, the public, and your hopes and dreams for the future. This indicates that he likes beautiful things, good relationships, and authority because it makes him feel safe and secure, also because he feels as though these things will help him to attract what he wants and needs to reach his highest aspirations and feel protected by the group.

Because this placement makes an inconjunct to the moon and the south node in his 4th house of home and family, he may have to completely re-evaluate the way he builds foundations in his life and in his relationships in order for them to begin to work together more smoothly.